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O primeiro álbum ao vivo dos goianos da HÉIA, “Maldición de la Serpiente – Live in Cochabamba”, está quase saindo do forno e a banda acaba de divulgar a primeira faixa deste trabalho.

Trata-se da música “Onde as Trevas Predominam”, que foi lançado no canal oficial do trio no YouTube, mostrando um pouco mais da agressividade do Black Metal brasileiro em terras bolivianas, confira:

Em paralelo, a HÉIA também divulgou recentemente os selos que trabalharão na distribuição de “Maldición de la Serpiente – Live in Cochabamba”, confira abaixo a lista completa com links para contato:

VSF Records:
Violent Records:
Impaled Records:
Diabo Records:
Diabolic Records:
TN Prod & Distro:
Blasphemic Art Distro:
Temple Of Bizarre Cult:
Cianeto Discos:

Produtores interessados em mais informações sobre como levar a HÉIA para seu evento escreva para ou no WhatsApp/Telegram pelo número (46) 98838-7204 – Sangue Frio Produções – e solicite-as.

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Vem aí mais uma edição do Programa Sangue Frio Produções, e junto dele, os paulistas do MONSTRATH estarão vindo como destaque.

O baixista Morales Elmano estará falando um pouco mais sobre a história o grupo, discografia, atual momento, nova formação e principalmente o atual trabalho, “The World Serves To Evil”, que estará sendo executado na íntegra no decorrer da programação.

Confira abaixo como ouvir a edição de número #42 do Programa Sangue Frio Produções:

Rádio Exmera – Toda quinta-feira a partir das 20 horas e reprisado semanalmente:

Skate Metal Old Web Rádio – Todo sábado e domingo a partir das 08 horas e reprisado semanalmente:

Em paralelo, o MONSTRATH segue trabalhando no lançamento nacional de “The World Serves To Evil”, que contará com uma faixa bônus, intitulada “Black Oil”, com previsão de chegar ao público ainda neste segundo semestre de 2019.

Enquanto este álbum não chega no Brasil, ouça-o nas principais plataformas de streaming:


Produtores interessados em mais informações sobre como levar o MONSTRATH para seu evento escreva para ou no WhatsApp/Telegram pelo número (46) 98838-7204 – Sangue Frio Produções – e solicite-as.

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A few months after unveiling a first 4 tracks Demo-EP called ‘Lift Off’, English/American/French Rock-punk-pop power-trio SPACEJAM just “re-released” its debut record as a 2-songs digital single called… ‘Lift Off’ on all the digital services.

In addition to ths news, the band is currently working on several new songs and plans to enter the studio before the end of the year to record a first full-length effort expected on Spring 2020.

Stream / Buy the ‘Lift Off’ single on Apple MusicAmazonSpotify..,

Founded in 2018 around Sebastian Parris, KC Elstun (Drums), and Ali Lassab (Bass), the trio spreads a powerful and melodic rock. They have a unique approach with strong pop melodies and very incisive lyrics; a genuine and unique way of making jam. Bon appétit !

For fans of Foo Fighters, The Clash, RHCP, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Buzzcocks,..


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Amantes do verdadeiro Rock n’ Roll de Goiânia/GO podem marcar em sua agenda as datas 14 e 15 de setembro, pois –  após 2 anos de espera – o MOTÖRBASTARDS retornará à cidade.

Isso mesmo, a banda fará duas apresentações no 19º aniversário do ‘Vai Tomá no Kuka Bar’, onde na primeira delas – sábado – o show será acústico, já no domingo a festa será completa. Para ambos os dias, o trio paranaense divide palco com Rural Killers.

Para mais informações, acesse:

Em outras notícias, o MOTÖRBASTARDS divulgou recentemente sua lista de shows para este último trimestre de 2019, com datas em São Paulo, Paraná e Santa Catarina, além das já supracitadas, confira:

31/08/2019 – Pinhais/PR
14/09/2019 – Goiânia/GO
15/09/2019 – Goiânia/GO
04/10/2019 – Paraná (TBA)
05/10/2019 – Pato Branco/PR
12/10/2019 – Ponta Grossa/PR
25/10/2019 – São Paulo (TBA)
26/10/2019 – São Paulo (TBA)
27/10/2019 – São Paulo (TBA)
01/11/2019 – Santa Catarina (TBA)
02/11/2019 – Florianópolis/SC

*TBA: To Be Announced – A Ser Anunciado

Produtores interessados em levar o grupo para seus eventos, escrevam para ou no WhatsApp/Telegram pelo número (46) 98838-7204 – Sangue Frio Produções – e solicite mais informações.

Assista ao videoclipe de “Nightmare”:

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The wait is over for North Carolinian progressive instrumental metal band ANAMORPH’s ambitious, otherworldly full-length album, Lucid, available today. In celebration of the release, Revolver Magazine is offering a full stream of Lucid here.

“We are unspeakably excited to finally have this music out there and to tour the record,” says drummer James Agusta. “We’ve been living this album for the better part of three years now and Sean (Parkinson) and I have been working on this band for over seven. This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done, and it’s just the beginning. This is our first step into a much larger world.”

Having taken creative leaps musically and professionally with Lucid, ANAMORPH’s live and recorded output is a hidden gem that has greatly exceeded their exposure to the public eye at-large thus far.

ANAMORPH likens themselves as “a band about the world” – writing music that is deeply reflective, with themes and motifs that span the scope of the human condition – wide ranges of emotions, states of mind, thought processes, and perspectives. ANAMORPH emulates the world at large, drawing attention to triumphs and shortcomings, beauty and destruction, the struggles of growth, and the uncertainty that encompasses us all as we drive forward into the future.

The Raleigh-based quartet – featuring Sean Parkinson and Cole Lohmann on guitars, James Agusta on drums and Griffin Daniels on bass – deftly weave notes of prog-rock, prog-metal, tech death, math rock, post rock, atmospheric and other influences together, making the 57-minute Lucid an intriguing listen for any fan of thought-provoking metal. Lucid which was recorded by renowned producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Scale the Summit, The Contortionist).

ANAMORPH wastes no time kicking off the album with “Reverie” and “Myopia”, two different entrancing examples of heavy prog-metal/rock mixed with experimental ethereals. Tracks like “Hubris” show off the band’s jazz metal inspiration, while songs like “Fading Azure” and the outright ripping “Feasting a Ravaged Earth” delve into total tech death. Listeners can expect this and more on ANAMORPH’s truly astonishing new offering.

Lucid track listing:

1. Reverie

2. Myopia

3. Hubris

4. Fading Azure

5. Twilight’s Somber Gaze

6. Feasting a Ravaged Earth

7. Breakthrough!

8. Endogenous Change

9. Sublimate

10. Overcome

11. Civilized Sociopath

12. Catharsis

13. In Time


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Holiday rock ensemble THE WIZARDS OF WINTER are giving fans a taste of the upcoming third album, The Christmas Dream, with the new track “Handel’s Torch,” available online now.

Listen to the song via or watching the video at:

“It is often said that prog rock music is the classical music of our day,” says founder and keyboardist Scott Kelly. “The band thought it would be fun to put a rock spin on one of the great classical tunes associated with Christmas. ‘Handel’s Torch’ is a nod to the Hallelujah Chorus. If you listen closely you will hear several other classic melodies woven through the piece as well. It is a blast to play and we think it rocks. We hope our fans think it rocks too.”

The Christmas Dream contains 10 new original songs and is a rocking holiday sleigh ride that crosses musical boundaries from prog metal to contemporary, appealing to a broad and diverse audience. The Christmas Dream is THE WIZARDS OF WINTER’s strongest release thus far. Pre-orders for The Christmas Dream are available now at

THE WIZARDS OF WINTER – now in their tenth year – will kick off their annual holiday tour on November 13. The band’s classical and progressive-influenced rock music is woven throughout a theatrical holiday-themed show, performed in an intimate setting.

THE WIZARDS OF WINTER feature former members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Ted Nugent and The Irish Tenors and have added even more new talent to their ranks this year, including violinist and backup vocalist Kornelia Rad (Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra), lead vocalist and auxiliary keyboardist Alexis Smith, and last but not least, lead guitarist Steve Brown (Trixter, Def Leppard, Dennis DeYoung, Rock of Ages).


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A few months after giving birth to their debut full-length effort called ‘Nadir’, Norwegian quintet blending post-rock, nu-classical and traditional folk music Monograf just re-released the album for digital extended worldwide release through Throne Of Bone Recordings and the main legal services (iTunes, Spotify & co).

In addition to this official announcement, the band which also unveiled an official music video of the song “The Golden Calf” will play in about two weeks at Vivid – A Post-Rock Festival (in Norway) next to bands such as And So I Watch You From Afar, Long Distance Calling or Nordic Giants.

Stream and order the album for physical / digital

…For the record…

Monograf uniquely combines post-rock with the darker part of Norwegian folk music and have one musical goal: to create a Norwegian rock sound without overused clichés. They’ve existed in the underground
of Oslo for many years and have been crafting their debut album over a long period of time.

The album is recorded and produced by the songwriter Erik over a fouryear period in a church, a hundred year-old community center, an art-school, two studios and a host of apartments in Oslo.

Nadir means lowest point. The record is an extensive meditation over money’s power over us. Do we enjoy it? Do we worship it? What are the consequences? Our Earth is small, and it’s boiling, and everything we do has consequences far beyond what we can see.
In our modern world everything should happen fast and efficiently, but can we find our patience again? Are there values we can’t put a price tag on? The violin’s distorted sound echoing across a desperate and desolate musical landscape paint these pictures, but also shows us hope.

There are big variations in soundscapes; heavier song with mighty crescendos, but also intimate and stripped-down songs where the lyrics come to the foreground.

For fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Grails, Arvo Pärt, The Mars Volta, Tool,  Wovenhand and Norwegian folk music artists…

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