The Wolves Of Avalon: Band unveil a new lyric video for ‘Men Of Gododdin’ featuring Hoest of Taake!

Publicado: 11/11/2022 por Pedro Mello em News
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On November 25thThe Wolves Of Avalon will unleash their new album, Y Gododdin, through Godreah Records. A haunting blend of timeless storyteling, evocative folk influences and rampaging black metal, the album features an array of the world’s finest folk musicians and some of metal’s most respected maverick talents. In preparation for the album’s release The Wolves Of Avalon have unveiled a new lyric video for the track ‘Men Of Gododdin’, which features guest vocals from Hoest of black metal legends Taake. The track amply illustrates the breathtaking power that The Wolves Of Avalon have captured on Y Gododdin. This is an album that will carry you back through the pages of Albion’s history, stirring the blood and firing the imagination. Ride now with the men of Gododdin and prepare for the battles to come!

Y Gododdin will be released by Godreah Records on November 25th in digital format and stunning, limited edition black/white splatter vinyl, adorned in the dramatic artwork of Kurt Miller.

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