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The first wave of the band is colourful in the truest, best and most metal sense of the word – starting with the legendary Judas Priest and their “50 Heavy Metal Years” show, the folk punk crew Dropkick Murphys and the reunited As I Lay Dying.

In addition, the black metal pioneers Venom and vocal sensation Tarja will be part of the show. You probably have noticed it: All of these five bands were already scheduled for Wacken Open Air 2020.

But of course there are also new ones! Hämatom will play their only festival show exclusively at our festival in 2021 and Lordi will bring their horror castle to the festival. Occult and dark stuff will be coming from Moonspell and Death SS, while Rose Tattoo will represent bluesy hard rock.

Five new bands, five bands originally planned for 2020 – the kick-off is done and we are already scheduling the next announcement dates.


W.O.A. Team

Wacken World Wide: Starts today!

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Dear Metalheads!

The first edition of Wacken World Wide is starting today!

From 5 p.m. on Wacken will be transported to your living room via

While it’s raining out of buckets on the Holy Ground today, you can watch the premiere day in peace in your dry home!

With concert highlights by Doro, Body Count feat. Ice-T, Anthrax, Rage and many more also specials such as the Guitar Clinic with Diamond Head`s Brian Tatler and Soen’s Cody Ford can be watched in the stream.

The complete schedule for today can also be found at

But before we get started, we provide you with tons of news and on demand specials on WackenTV.

And do not forget! Under the hashtag #metaliscominghome you can post pictures and videos of yourself and your friends at home and with a little luck we will share your reaction on our social media channels!

Stay tuned! We’ll be back soon!

W: O: A team

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Dear Metalheads,

with Wacken World Wide just around the corner, we have another announcement to make today: Wacken Open Air 2021 is sold out.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the incredible support you are showing us in these tough times. The planning reliability and agency this offers is one aspect we have to thank you for, the other one is the moral support this gives to our whole team. Thanks to you we know that the show will go on, that we are part of a huge family and that metal will continue to have a home in Wacken.

Said gratitude is deepened since we know that many of you have to deal with their own hardships like dismissals, short-time work and lacking job opportunities. We are humbled by the fact that over 90% of you have decided to exchange their W:O:A 2020 tickets for W:O:A 2021 with the remaining ones being sold this quickly. You can be sure that we will give our very best to turn W:O:A 2021 into an unforgettable experience!

Furthermore, quite a few ticket owners have decided to donor their ticket to another Metalhead instead of exchanging it for 2021 or requesting refunds. We are flashed by this solidarity you show among each other. These Solidarity Tickets will be given out in the next weeks.

Metalheads, we are grateful in every aspect. See you in Wacken – Rain or Shine!

FAQ on the sold out:

Who will play W:O:A 2021? The first bands for the next edition will be announced coming Saturday, just as tradtion demands. Until then we hope to welcome you as often as possible in our Wacken World Wide livestream on

When will my eTicket arrive? We are setting up the eTicket system but are not yet able to tell you when you will receive yours. It is possible this might happen in 2021.

When will my delivery arrive? Our logistics are working as fast as is possible with respect to the safety precautions. We have several teams in sheltered workshops packing and shipping your orders. Please have a little more patience, we are well aware of the delays and are working on speeding up the delivery process further without putting people at risk.

My ticket still has the status „Review“, what should I do? Don’t worry! We have planned for this and we will work through the open requests as quickly as possible.

I still need a ticket for 2021! Some of our travel partners still have a few leftovers! Also, some tickets 2020 are still being reviewed and might be available. Enter yourself on the waiting list if you would like to have a ticket.

Later this year we will open the official Ticket Exchange for W:O:A 2021 tickets. Please don’t buy overpriced tickets online!

I have a ticket for 2021, but I’m not able to come to the festival. No problem! Our official Ticket Exchange will go online later this year. Our general terms and conditions prohibit resales via different platforms – please be patient and wait for our fair and safe solution!


W:O:A team

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Dear Metalheads,

If you can’t come to Wacken, Wacken will come to you! Wacken World Wide, our digital festival, starts on Wednesday and anyone and everyone of you can participate for free.

This is made possible by our partners Telekom with and, but also by you, the audience – because to cover our costs, we have also created an extensive merchandising collection for Wacken World Wide. Every purchased wristband, souvenir ticket or t-shirt helps us to bring the event live on the virtual stage.

And a lot happens on this stage! The biggest mixed reality show in the world is headed by bands like Sabaton, Blind Guardian, Heaven Shall Burn and Kreator. These bands will play concerts just for you at a secret location, and the shows we will be broadcasted all over the world for free. We use a breathtaking technical innovation that has only been seen in a few major film productions so far.

But that is not all! In addition to big acts we have also invited some newcomers to present themselves at Wacken World Wide. The Wacken Foundation and the W:O:A Metal Battle let their muscles work.

In addition, there will be a whole series of additional concerts, freshly recorded for Wacken World Wide. Artists like Alice Cooper, Foreigner, Body Count, Rage or Eskimo Callboy have joined us to make you rock. The way they perform is different in each case, because every region of the world has different rules at the money. You can for example expect shows from legendary US clubs, from the inside of the earth and from the living rooms of the artists.

And that is still not all. In addition to all the new content, most of which has never been seen before, we’re also opening our vault. Look forward to some legendary W:O:A concerts!

All content and the schedule can be found on – the concerts start on Wednesday!

But we also want to address a serious topic at this point: Unfortunately we have to ask you not to come to Wacken during the next days. We understand your longing for the Holy Ground, but in the sense of infection control a big party in the village or on the meadows would not be to tollerate.

In agreement with the local authority and the police, we therefore call upon you to celebrate the festival week primarily with Wacken World Wide.

This year the motto is: See you in Wacken – Rain or Shine or Online!



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We have prepared a packed Easter nest – 53 new bands are joining the lineup.

The new bands cover a wide range of genres and besides old friends like Saxon, Axxis, Unleashed or the latest project of Alestorm mastermind Christopher Bowes we also signed many exciting newcomers.

The new bands in alphabetical order:

Acres, Alabama Black Snakes, Axxis, Bai Bang, Bloodywood, Brass Against, Brenner, Cancer, Cesair, Christopher Bowes and His Plate of Beans, Coppelius, Damnation Defaced, Dampfmaschine, Der Fluch des Drachen, Diamond Head, Diary of Dreams, Die From Sorrow, Dream Spirit, Drunken Swallows, Duivelspack, Extrabreit, Fiddler’s Green, Jared James Nichols, Kvelertak, Molllust, Mono Inc, Monstagon, Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Nailed To Obscurity, Operus, Paddy and the Rats, Ragnaröek, Reckless Love, Reliquiae, Saor, Saxon, Sibiir, Sikth, Skald, Skyline, Skynd, Soul Demise, Stoneman, Tanzwut, The Linewalkers, The Moon & The Nightspirit, The O’Reilleys and The Paddyhats, The Rumjacks, The Sinderellas, Tuxedoo, Unleashed, Victims of Madness, Violons Barbares

Soon we will also release the first version of the Running Order for W:O:A 2019!




Bem-vindos ao melhor evento de metal pesado em uma caixa, bem, um digipack! Mais uma vez, os fãs de Heavy Metal e Hard Rock, poderão reviver os momentos estelares do Wacken Open Air 2016. O material será lançado em CD duplo, DVD / BluRay no dia 11 de agosto de 2017 (América do Norte). Só faltarão as cervejas, amigos e talvez alguns pares de botas lamacentas para transformar sua sala de estar em uma recriação fiel .

Você ouvirá música de mais de 30 artistas, incluindo Arch Enemy, Bullet for My Valentine, Borknager, Barb Wire Dolls, Triptykon, Saxon, Metal Church, Phil Campbell And Bastard Sons e Steel Panther. Uma vez que seus tímpanos implorarem por um respiro, você poderá desviar os olhos para imagens de muitos artistas, incluindo Axel Rudi Pell, Entombed AD, Red Fang e Tarja Turunen, além de assistir ao emocionante tributo ao lendário fundador do Motörhead, Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, “Born To Lose, Live To Win”.

Pré vendas através do link:
Fonte: Adrenaline Press

Devido aos recentes rumores circulando pela internet sobre Wacken Rocks Brazil e Wacken Rocks Chile, os produtores do evento Wacken Open Air foram forçados a se pronunciar sobre o fato.

“Parece que existe um festival de metal que irá acontecer na América do Sul e está utilizando a marca W:O:A para sua divulgação.

Vimos através desta, informar que não temos nenhuma associação ou conexão com este possível evento. Este evento não foi organizado ou autorizado pelo Wacken Open Air

Os organizadores foram advertidos e lhes foi enviado estritas adversões sobre a não utilização de nossa marca em qualquer tipo de mídia.

Nós não estamos julgando a qualidade deste evento, nem mesmo o profissionalismo dos organizadores mas gostaríamos de deixar as coisas bem claras para que os fãs saibam o que está acontecendo e evitar mal entendidos.

Thomas Jensen (organizador W:O:A): “Após sermos informados a respeito destes rumores, fomos obrigados a agir de fato e advertir as pessoas responsáveis. Queremos evitar desapontamentos para os Metalheads na América do Sul, sendo que todos associam Wacken com espírito e esforço. Portanto achamos que é nosso trabalho deixar as coisas claras para os Wacken Metalheads e por favor, avisem a todos que não temos nada a ver com este evento anunciado e que não há nenhum tipo de permissão legal para que nosso logo W:O:A ser usado.”

Aproveitando o momento, nós gostaríamos de dizer a todos vocês que novamente estamos aguardando nossos convidados da América sdo Sul para o W:O :A 2012!

Holger Huebner (organizador W:O:A): “Por um lado, W:O:A é feito pelas bandas e pelo local do show mas isto não é o mais importante, W:O:A é atmosfera e são os fãs. Ano após ano, os Metalheads da América do Sul são responsáveis por uma grande parte desta atmosfera!”

Para todos aqueles que estão um pouco desapontados, nós gostaríamos de recomendar o W:O:A Metal Battle. Isto acontece ao mesmo tempo em 31 países ao redor do mundo. Toneladas de shows ao vivo e entre eles, no Brazil, o já tivemos um vencedor internacional (Torture Squad ).

Mais informações vocês sobre Brazilian Metal Battle vocês encontram através do link ou através de nossa página internacional“.