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Trailblazing metal band TETRARCH has signed a lucrative worldwide deal with Napalm Records prior to the release of their sophomore full-length album, Unstable.

Fierce individuality and a fearless embrace of the outsider are at the heart of TETRARCH, a band equally defined by metallic power and melodic hooks. Seamlessly blending technical chops and aggressive ferocity with menacing groove and massive choruses, TETRARCH obliterates musical barriers. The band’s tireless hard work and relentless determination has established TETRARCH as one of the top up and coming bands in heavy music, catching the attention of major media, including Guitar World, Guitar Player, Premier Guitar and Metal Hammer where lead guitarist Diamond Rowe was the first African American female lead guitarist from the heavy metal genre to be featured.

TETRARCH lead guitarist Diamond Rowe says regarding the signing:
“None of us in TETRARCH have ever been shy about the goals that we have for this band. Therefore, it is no secret that since the beginning we have always made our goal to become one of the biggest modern metal bands of this generation. We are extremely excited to have found a partner for this journey with Napalm Records, and it is very apparent that they believe in us to the same degree. They are ready and willing to work with us however necessary to take TETRARCH to the top. We look forward to continuing this ride with them.”

Vocalist/guitarist Josh Fore adds:
“We in TETRARCH have always strived to surround ourselves with a team that shares our same vision and goals. We have found that partner in Napalm Records, and I am so stoked for what the future holds together as we take on the next chapter of this TETRARCH journey!”

Bassist Ryan Lerner says:
“I am incredibly excited to partner with Napalm Records. We instantly clicked with the team over there, so it feels good to join forces.”

Drummer Ruben Limas:
“We’ve always dreamt about being one of the biggest metal bands out there. I’m excited that Napalm Records have joined us on this journey. They are excited to work with us and help take our band to the top and I am stoked for what the future holds for us.” / “En Tetrarch siempre hemos soñado con ser una de las bandas más grandes del mundo y estoy feliz de que Napalm Records ha entiendo esto y se ha unido a esta visión. Nos espera un gran futuro juntos.”

Napalm Records Managing Director Thomas Caser states:
“Welcome TETRARCH – undoubtedly the hottest newcomer and soon to be a house-hold name in the Metal world! They are fresh and exciting, and we are proud and thrilled to work this amazing band!”

TETRARCH’s Unstable was recorded earlier this year with producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decaptitation, Allegeon, Khemmis). The first single from the album, “I’m Not Right,” has already achieved phenomenal success at both metal and mainstream radio across the country. The video for the track has also garnered more than 1.2 million views in just two months.

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Metal phenoms TETRARCH have revealed the first single and video, “I’m Not Right,” from their upcoming sophomore album, Unstable, scheduled for a fall release.

“I’m Not Right” premiered yesterday on Sirius/XM’s Liquid Metal and is available today via all digital platforms at Watch the video today at:

In addition to being the first single, “I’m Not Right” was the first song the band wrote for Unstable. “The intro riff for it came very naturally to us and kicked off the writing process,” says guitarist Diamond Rowe. “It was heavy and pissed off sounding, which was super cool and really set the tone for the songs that followed.”

Lyrically, “I’m Not Right” describes a moment when a person looks in the mirror and does not like what is looking back. Instead of dwelling on negativity, “I’m Not Right” is about seeking the drive to change a person’s situation and become the best version of oneself.

“We are a band that believes in embracing flaws and being who you are,” says Rowe. “But sometimes there’s a journey to get to that point, and that’s what this song really encompasses. It is normal to feel a bit off sometimes, and it’s okay to talk about it. Sometimes you just don’t like something about yourself but how you go about changing that is what’s really important.”

The video for “I’m Not Right” similarly follows the story of a teenage girl who is bullied by classmates, intermingled with energetic TETRARCH performance footage.

“We take a lot of pride in our performance and the energy that we put off live, so we knew we wanted there to be a performance aspect, but we also wanted to tell a bit of a story,” Rowe says. “Director Scott Hansen is always really cool to work with and open to any ideas that we may have, so that the video can match our vision. We’re pretty stoked with how it came out.”

Produced by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Allegeon, Khemmis) and TETRARCH, Unstable amplifies the band’s tried-and-true blend of intense heavy riffage and driving drums with the dark vibes and haunting choruses of hooky modern hard rock. TETRARCH’s influences are evident but never replicated, as they stay true to their own unique sound that will appeal to any heavy music fan. 

TETRARCH burst onto the scene in 2017 with the release of their full-length album, Freak, produced by Dave Otero. The album immediately reached strong positions on several iTunes charts – debuting within the Top 200 chart, at #3 on the metal charts and #17 on the rock charts. Their lead single, “Freak,” also garnered huge response from Sirius/XM’s Octane, and hit Top 50 on the Active Rock charts. The band toured incessantly following the release of the album, including headlining gigs, slots on major tours and appearances at some of North America’s largest music festivals.


Josh Fore – vocals/guitar 

Diamond Rowe – lead guitar

Ryan Lerner – bass

Ruben Limas – drums 

TETRARCH online: 

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