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Solemn Ceremony is Phil Howlett’s solo traditional Doom Metal project. The aim for the band’s self-titled album was to record a slow doom metal album as a kind of spiritual continuation of the now defunct Rote Mare but in a more traditional vein. 

Recorded from the end of 2017 to early 2018, Phil Howlett wrote and recorded all the basic tracks and later added vocals and lead guitars as well. The musician was joined by Gareth Briggs to perform drums while Kieran Provis (Lucifer’s Fall) added lead guitar in 3 of the 4 songs. There were also contributions from Shayne (Eldritch Rites / Dire Fate) and Phillip (Dire Fate), who added a small vocal part in one track as well.

Record label: Nine Records
Genre: Doom Metal

End Of The Line
One Last Failure
Solemn Ceremony

Philip J Howlett IV – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Gareth Briggs – Drums
Kieran Provis – Lead Guitar
Shayne J – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Phillip D Atropos – Vocals
Drum tracks recorded by Nesta Mitchell at The Fish Shop

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For fans of: Reverend Bizarre, Cirith Ungol, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost and Saint Vitus.

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