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Ariën van Weesenbeek.

Next October will take place in Brazil the EpicMetalFest. A festival lined up by Epica, will have its first edition in Brazil. I think many may ask: “Why in Brazil?”

Ariën: Yes, correct. I can imagine people might wonder why we organized EMF in Brazil. It seemed like a great opportunity for us, and I’m sure that the Brazilian Epica-fans are happy that there will be a festival organized by their favorite band. Brazil’s a great country to play shows, and we’re really looking forward to play in Sao Paulo!

How was the choice of the bands that will be at the event?

Ariën: The choice was kinda difficult, but after some brainstorming, eventually we came up with a cool list of names that we’d like to have on our festival. I’m pretty positive that there’s something for everybody’s taste of music.

The event will also mark the release of “The Holographic Principle,” eighth studio album of the band. Before we talk about the musics, we would like to know how was defined the Stefan Heilemann’s art to illustrate the album?

Ariën: First of all, it was clear to us that we wanted to work with Stefan again, since he’s an extraordinary artist and designer. What we did was present him some basic ideas, and he started working from there. He tried several versions and directions, and after some time he amazed everyone of us with the final result! Best of our album covers so far I think!


“The Holographic Principle”

What is the meaning of the title “The Holographic Principle”?


Ariën: The meaning is that we’re living in this world, but it could very well be possible that we’re living in a big illusion and hologram, and we’re not aware of our real life or existence. We make ourselves believe that this world is the real one, but we might be mistaken and might be somewhere else. That’s the holographic principle – bit science fictional, haha.

I can’t stop thinking about the concept of the film “The Matrix” in relation to the concept of “The Holographic Principle.” There is some kind of influence between the film and what is expressed on the album?

Ariën; Yeah, me too! It’s a cool concept, and I’m a big Matrix-fan myself! The movie doesn’t have a direct influence, but of course the subjects are in strong relation to each other. It’s kinda wicked; imagine we’re playing our show on EMF, and the fans are having a great time enjoying the show, but actually we’re all plugged in a computer in real life… damn that would be something! I mean; the beer you’re drinking wouldn’t be a real beer!! We can’t have that!


Ariën van Weesenbeek.

The first track released was “Universal Death Squad”. How was the receptivity of the band by the fans?

Ariën: Very positive! I think that a lot of people weren’t expecting this, haha.

I think it’s a very strong song and brings all the elements that the band has been exploring in his career. How was the album’s songwriting process?

Ariën: We all started writing songs at home to come up with the basic ideas. Then we threw all kinds of ideas and music to each other, and try to make the songs and ideas better every time.
Eventually, our producer Joost Van den Broek came in the picture and together we arranged all the songs to a good basic form. Then we got together and started jamming and rehearsing, improving the songs. This whole process was very inspiring and I personally had a great time putting my songs, guitar riffs, and drum parts together!


Rob Van Der Loo, Ariën van Weesenbeek, Coen Janssen, Simone Simons, Mark Jansen, Isaac Delahaye.

Epica have 13 years since the release of the first album, “The Phantom Agony”. In my opinion, a remarkable album. With so many changes in the music market, what is the fuel that feeds Epica’s flame?

Ariën: We just love what we do. The music and our passion for playing our music is what drives us. OF course, it’s beyond great that we have got so many fans worldwide, which is very rewarding and encouraging. This is what we do, and we love it!

Thanks a lot for this interview. Could you please leave a message for the fans who anxiously await the return of Epica to Brazil:

Ariën: We are looking very much forward to see all you Brazilian Epica-supporters back again! See you all at EMF Brazil 2016!!!!


Accept: Interview With Wolf Hoffmann

Publicado: 19/04/2015 por Pedro Mello em Entrevistas, News
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Hello guys, it’s a great pleasure to talk to you.

Well, on the eve of some shows in Brazil, including one at the Monsters Of Rock Festival – SP, how are the preparations for the band to face upcoming shows in South America?

WOLF: Hi…nice to meet you! The pleasure is mine!  We are thrilled to come back to BRAZIL and to perform at this prestigious festival is a great honor. We have new guys in the band and that requires a lot of work and rehearsing. We have been prepared having this change  one day, ,so we did always have a second Live Brigade ready to go.

Although you are in full tour of the album Blind Rage (2014), is there the possibility of a surprise on the set list of the band?

WOLF: We are on our second leg of the BLIND RAGE tour and will be out on the road until December 2015… How can I surprise you…when I tell you everything we want to surprise you J   Come and see us!

Changing focus, Blind Rage is the third album by the current Accept’s lineup. How has been the receptivity of the fans to the album?


Accept: Uwe Lulis, Peter Baltes, Mark Tornillo, Wolf Hoffmann and Christopher Williams.

WOLF:  # 1 in Germany and Finland as chart positions AND  sold out shows in many countries – I would call that an excellent response! We are thrilled – believe me!

How was the beautiful art of the new album’s cover developed? Undoubtedly one of the most significant in 2014.

WOLF: Gaby will be pleased to hear that. she is the one  responsible for covers and I know that she has been sitting on this idea for a long time. She is working with British artist and we wanted to reflect the ANGRY TIMES we live in, where we see Anger, Hate and Terror everywhere…..


Blind Rage (2014)

The band released the first album in 1979 and the musicians are on the road for much more time, with Accept or other bands. Where does this energy from that persists until today? And we hope that continues for much longer.

WOLF: You know, Peter & I who are joint on our hips since we were 16 & 17 years old have had this long time out – nearly 15 years and it is safe to say,that ACCEPT is known for their powerful stage presence since we turned Professionals in 1980 . We had the audacity to come back BECAUSE  we were in best shape and pumped up to the hilt!  And we are always 100% dedicated to move up and up. We are ready for anything and – we believe  where all this is coming from – there is more….much more! So, count us in! 

The music industry is currently very confused. Nevertheless, how this has reflected in the band? The several types of packaging offered to fans have been successful?

WOLF: The record industry will say yes … it is a trend of our ties and all companies are doing it. We are looking in to it for the future…. I understand exactly what you re saying,. There are a lot of politics involved. 


 Wolf Hoffman

With three successful albums, what are the further plans of Accept?

WOLF: MORE successful Albums!!!!!  We can only keep our energy level that high, because I believe the Best Album of ACCEPT has not even been written yet. So, let’s see what the next one  will do and the next tour! We sure are ready! 

It was a huge honor to speak with a true legend of heavy metal. Please leave a message to the Brazilian fans:

WOLF: We love you and please come and see us. We can’t wait to come to BRAZIL and Rock the Place – can’t do it without you!


 Helmuth Lehner

I believe that firts question is inevitable. How is the health of Helmuth Lehner? How this problem occurred?

Helmuth: Ave, Pedro. Thanks asking about my health. I had made a poor decision to drink the water from a hotel in Latin America a few years ago and ended up with Typhus. 

I’m doing good now. I’m pleased that I am allowed to play guitar, front my band again. It feels just great, and I am thankful for it. It took me almost 8 months to come back and be able to perform again. First months after the operation were tough. I was always very active my whole life, trained, did everything that was forbidden – many excessive memories stuck in my head where I could fill books. Worst was, I couldn’t play music, I never had such a long break from playing guitar. That was frustrating and new to me that my body showed me so many borders. I hated it to calm down, but I soon realized I can’t win races with only 3 damn wheels, so yeah I had to wait and time went by slowly. RISE TO FALL AND FALL TO RISE, as one of our tracks from the album BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE (2011) says. The important thing is, BELPHEGOR is back, still consistent and rolling in worldwide like a world war tank.

It’s great to know that he’s fine again. Few months after visit South America again, you guys think in to take some kind of special precautions?

Helmuth: I will not drink water from the sinks again, that’s certain. Nowadays, I will always be more careful in my travels…

Humans are full of shit, we poison the race, destroy the earth the water the nature, almost everything in the name of greed and power…that’s why I wrote the song with this lyrical content for GASMASK TERROR.  It’s a shame…we should be the superior species, caretakers of the planet, not destroyers. 


Conjuring The Dead, Belphegor’s last album.

How has been the receptivity of “Conjuring The Dead”?

Helmuth: Feedback is amazing, man. It was a tough ride, lots of setbacks forced me delay again and again, it lasted over 3 years til CONJURING THE DEAD been unleashed. At beginning it was kinda frustrating. I thought, I never can finish this motherfukking record, then a lot of hate and aggression was in me and I channeled all that into the new songs. I’m very proud of this release, it is a very special one to me, our most mature album to date and one of our strongest. We recorded in Florida with Erik Rutan  He pushed us to be the best we could and it was a great decision to choose him to be the producer of this brutal Lp.

The album gives us some fast tracks and others more rhythmic, but without losing aggressiveness and force. Did Helmuth’s adversity influenced the compositions?

Helmuth: My health issues and recovery affected everything regarding the new album, the writing process, the band, my life. There were many delays and setbacks as I had to submit to my new limitations. I never worked so hard on another release. I always had in the back of my mind, and feared after my life-threatening illness, it could be the last BELPHEGOR album. So I didn’t want to fukk around, I wanted do things absolutely right.

I wanted to have a more Death Metal approach on this Lp, more edgy, raw and  of course brutal. It was time to return to our roots but with musical ability what we have 2014. Also a lot of NWOBHM, which I still adore, flows in the new slasher.

Here’s a kinda track break down, we tried new elements and experimented within our style, which is important for the band´s evolution, without betraying our roots.

CONJURING THE DEAD speaks for itself. A sound wall forged in hell!

IN DEATH is about my return on stage and front my band again, my experience with dancing with the dead. It’s a fast forward Thrash/ Death Metal track with a lot of NWOBHM influences.

THE EYES is an intermezzo, it calms everything down after the first five brutal sound collages. I played the classic acoustic guitar and over that, you hear a lead guitar screaming. Could be almost also a piece of musick from the ingenious New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. 

After THE EYES, we start with this technical Death monster entitled LEGIONS OF DESTRUCTION.

For the exalted REX TREMENDAE MAJESTATIS we added a lot classical tones in the guitar department. The title is taken from WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART’s last composition, REQUIEM. He wrote it in his deathbed. He knew he would die soon. The song has influences by this composition when it comes to the intensity of the atmosphere. I have to be careful with such statements I’m not a composer like MOZART, he was a genius. But this track is exactly what I felt, which my aim was, as I started creating REX TREMENDAE MAJESTATIS and when I listen to REQUIEM.

On FLESH, BONES AND BLOOD we also touched a new territory. The track comes with an industrial feeling and Slam Death Metal guitars, with an ritual atmosphere in the chorus.

The outro/ epilogue of PACTUM IN AETERNUM, all played with nature instruments, most self made, a lot of parts there are played with real bones ( humans and animals…), menacing and dark! They were created by KRAMATACH, an archaic cave band from Austria.

While high speed massacres like BLACK WINGED TORMENT and GASMASK TERROR are typical BELPHEGOR tracks, BLACK WINGED TORMENT is with our beloved LUCIFER INCESTUS our fastest song we ever wrote. BLACK WINGED TORMENT will get premiered during the upcoming Latin America tour.

Which other factors or elements had influenced the lyrics of “Conjuring The Dead”?

Helmuth: It also has to do with the downfall of all humanity. A lot of dangerous shit is happening on the planet right now…time is running out. On top, as always, we praise blasphemy. Anti-god – anti-life, the verses are way more serious this time, also the whole project is, I should say.

I don’t want to describe anything too much to avoid misconceptions. I encourage people with the CD to read the lyrics and form their own interpretations, as well.


Helmuth And Serpenth.

In 2015, Belphegor’s first album “The Last Supper” will make 20 years. Do you guys think about doing something to celebrate this mark?

Helmuth: It’s unreal that we latested that long, never split up nor changed our attitude…the legacy – the brutal Musick, you know. We celebrate the album by still creating extreme musick and practicing our live rituals all around the world, to glorify magick in the name of Metal.

The cover of “Conjuring The Dead” was made again by the artist Seth. How was the art creation process?

Helmuth: I enjoy his art style and working with him. He also did the art for PESTAPOKALYPSE (2006). I’m damn proud of the new impressions. Seth did an outstanding job and brought amazing ideas to the project. We worked for months on small, intricate details. The teamwork was great. I’m still blown away when I look at the poster with the cover artwork, with all these symbols that have so many meanings.

It was an honor to talk to you, guys. What can brazilian fans expect from the shows that will be performed in Brazil?

Helmuth: Thank you for the space. I prefer to call the people who support us simply “Death-soldiers”, “Maniakks”, and “Demons. I’m not fond of the word “fan”, really.

See the dates below:

05.12.2014 BR Natal Armazém Hall
06.12.2014 BR Rio de Janeiro Espaco Acustica
07.12.2014 BR São Paulo Extreme Hate Festival

Legions from Brazil can expect an intense stage performance and skullfukking brutal Musick. Join the rituals in December and go to hell with us..