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Gia G: August release, “The Ladder”

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gia g

Gia is a instrumental guitarist , studio Guitairist out of Boston MA. with Her solo Project GIA G and in her Alternative metal band Devil In The Mist with Vocalist Katy Reign .Released her first music video and song on Dec 2013 called The Chase with her GIA G solo project which was received extremely well.

On Dec of 2015 she released her long awaited second music video and song Interwoven , which shows more of Gia,s range of styles and writing , and technical ability , which also was recieved well. In 2016 Gia go back to working with her ex singer Katy Reign , they decided to record one of there songs they never did and make a video .Released Nov 16th 2016 her 3rd music video Severed Ties , first vocal music video to , shows another side of Gia”s style , her rythum playing and her dynamtics with a vocalist .you can check it out on here . Released on Aug 25th ,her 2nd song and music video with Katy Reign called Somewhere , which was received extremely well .

They also Named the Band Devil In the Mist On June 6th 2018 Gia released her third single and video Far Gone with Devil In The Mist , and released a 3 song EP of all 3 songs . There new video and song Secret was released on Jan 12th 2019 . Got great resposne with 750,000 views on facebook video , 200,000 on youtube video . UPDATE – GIA G released her new music video and song The Ladder Nov 21st 2019 , Biggest video release to date , her first instrumental release since 2015s Interwoven . Already over 100,000 views in 2weeks on youtube , over 300,000 on facebook .

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Hot Girls With Guitars, 1st place 2014

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The Beast – MetalDevastation

“Top 15 Hard Rock & Metal Female Guitar Shredders” chart by place 2014

Sighed to Shred Guy records 2014 to 2015

Emergenza Festival 2004 , winning 1st round , 3rd place in 2nd round , Advanced to finals

. Then showcased for Sony Records from the contest Nov 2004

National radio airplay and in rotation on 98 ROCK radio in Baltimore , Flagship home of the Baltimore Ravens . DC 101 Alternative Rock Radio WWDC . Surf 97.3 FM Flagner Beach

In rotation on numerous Internet radio station .

Ranked #1 on Reverb Nation in local charts and Regional charts for instrumental artists in Boston MA.

Ranked # 2 on Reverbnation in National and Global charts for instrumental artists

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