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Still promoting their debut album “Stronger”, released back in November 2018, FlowerLeaf – which have already released the single “Firesoul”, the single / music video “Girl in Pearls” and the lyric videos for “Tupana”, “Paralysis” and “Grain of Sand” – have now released the lyric video for the track “Desert Winds”, which you can watch at this location: 

Vocalist Vivs Takahashi comments on the track: “It was written over 10 years ago and has not suffered any changes in its composition. Marcelo and I believe it fits the album’s repertoire the way it was. It has always been a short song, meant to be an introduction to another, so it became a prelude to ‘The Flower and the Leaf’.”

She adds: “What we changed was the context and the title. Before, it was just a loose song. But as it became the introduction to a ‘love song’, I thought of a title that fit our experiences. The Atacama Desert has become the inspiration.”

Vivs Takahashi (vocals) and Marcelo Kaczorowsky (bass) are currently developing FlowerLeaf’s career in Germany. “We have the first shows scheduled in eastern Germany, but the idea is to perform all over Europe and participate in festivals,” comments Vivs Takahashi.

Upcoming shows:
12/09 – Hangar 49, Berlim
13/09 – Oberer-Gasthof-Grüna, Chemnitz
14/09 – Kulturhof Lübbenau, Lübbenau/Spreewald

Official website:
Listen to “Stronger” on Spotify:


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Brazilian power/symphonic metallers FlowerLeaf have published a lyric video for the track “Grain of Sand”, which was taken off from the band’s debut full-length “Stronger”. Vocalist Vivs Takahashi comments: «This was the first song written by FlowerLeaf. Marcelo [Kaczorowsky, instrumentalist] played some chords on the guitar and I quickly created the melody and the lyrics, and that’s when we thought, ‘OK, we can do this!’. The title of the album, “Stronger”, is based on this song, which talks about how we can change the world even if we are just a grain of sand, so we need to be stronger.»

Watch the lyric video for “Grain of Sand” at this location: 

In addition to the producer and guitarist Raphael Gazal (Pastore, Bulletback), “Stronger”, which is available on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming services, features special guest appearances from Mylena Monaco (Sinaya) and Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden, Phantom Elite ).


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After the video for “Girls in Pearls”, another track from “Stronger”, FlowerLeaf’s debut album, gets its own video. This is the lyric video for “Tupana”, music that talks about the experience of being in the middle of the Amazon forest, where the Tupana River is so dark that reflects everything around it, as if it were a mirror. “The picturesque landscape and the environment makes us think about our place and our role in the world. It also brings us the thought of our environmental responsibility, in preserving the nature and the environment,” says the vocalist Vivs Takahashi. “More than the lyrics, we added some information about the Amazon forest and where the deforestation is leading us. In partnership with the NGO SOS Amazônia, we want to bring this awareness to our public,” she adds. 

See the lyric video for ‘Tupana’ on 

The song was produced by Raphael Gazal (Pastore, Bulletback) and the video by Gabby Vessoni. In addition to Gazal on guitars, “Stronger”, which has the cover art created by Carlos Fides (Almah, Evergrey, Semblant, Noturnall, Trezzy, Silver Mammoth), features special guest appearances by Mylena Monaco (Sinaya) and Marina La Torraca(Exit Eden, Phantom Elite). The “Firesoul” and “Girl in Pearls” singles, which came out in two official Spotify playlists – Heavy Queens and New Blood – showed the strength of the symphonic metal proposed by Vivs Takahashi and Marcelo Kaczorowsky (bass). 


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