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Death Is Death: “Death Wears Suit”

Publicado: 11/02/2019 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


In the spring of 2018, the reincarnation of the Death Is Liberty band was born when guitarist Ville announced that he would leave the band. As the new replacement was not found immediately, the remaining trio decided to play thrash metal for fun until another guitarist was found.

In the first rehearsals, one song was born, and the next rehearsals bring out two new tunes. Then the trio said it was fun to play straightforward and simple thrash metal. This led the trio to “set up” a band called Death Is Death, who plays a straightforward thrash metal as a three piece unit.

A total of ten tracks were composed and arranged in five exercises, and lyrics were born during July, all of which were related to death. Since the songs were born spontaneously, the decision to make the album was also very spontaneous. At the end of August, the band closed for a weekend and recorded their debut album “Death Wears Suit”.

Because the band’s way of doing things is straightforward and fast, there’s no time wasted on finishing the album. A total of three days of mixing was used and the only instruction was to make a disc as close as possible to the soundtrack of the eighties. The end result is exactly what was sought – raw and unpickled.

The video was also implemented using an “efficient and fast” method. So before Christmas, the band filmed videos of “Death Silence” and “Kill Bystander!” Death! ”, Which were also made in the Do-It-Self line, as well as the recording and mixing of the disc.

“Death Wears Suit” is the return of the eighties – a record of twenty-seven minutes containing songs: “Boss Death”, “Death Is Liberty”, “Death Wears Suit”, “Pupilic Death”, “South of Death”, “Speed Death”, “What Is Death?”, “Memory Death”, “Kill Bystander! Death!” and “Death Silence”.

Release date (according to the band): February 29th 2019

Actual release date: March 1st 2019

Label: Concorde Music Company


EV – Bass

EP Drums

TH – guitar and voice

Concorde Music Company