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David T. Chastain has gained a reputation over the last 35+ years as a powerful, progressive guitarist whose music has been centered around his melodic and technically fluent fretboard mastery. Besides David’s virtuoso style, the other major attribute to CHASTAIN’s instantly distinct sound is vocalist Leather Leone’s superior and ultimately commanding presence.

Originally released in 1990 on Roadrunner Records, CHASTAIN’s fifth album, For Those Who Dare, was yet further proof that David T. Chastain was not just a great player, but also a talented songwriter and band leader with an exceptional group of collaborators to help make his visions a reality. That being said, the album had been remixed by the label without the group’s involvement, resulting in an overly dry, unpolished sound. To date, the original band-approved mix has never been granted an official CD release.

That all changes now, as Divebomb Records is excited to present the 30th Anniversary edition of For Those Who Dare, adhering to CHASTAIN’s original intent by restoring Steve Fontano’s (Prairie Sun Studios) more balanced mix—as well as additional background vocals, ad libs, and “ear candy” that have long been missing from the Roadrunner release. As usual, the disc has also been remastered by Jamie King Audio, and will be packaged alongside a detailed booklet—revised and expanded from Divebomb’s initial 2010 reissue to include additional photographs and a retrospective interview with David T. Chastain and Leather Leone. For the fans, by the fans!

1. For Those Who Dare
2. Night Of Anger
3. I Am The Rain
4. Please Set Us Free
5. Secrets Of The Damned
6. Light In The Dark
7. The Mountain Whispers
8. Barracuda
9. Not Much Breathing
10. Once Before

11. Play Their Games
12. I Cast No Shadows



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“The Reign of Kate” is an over 95 minute collection of tracks from the three CHASTAIN albums: SICK SOCIETY, IN DEMENTIA and IN AN OUTRAGE. All remastered in 2019. This release also includes 3 Bonus Tracks. 2 of which are demos and the 3rd a Bonus Track previously only available in South Korea. 

All three releases featured vocalist Kate French and guitarist David T. Chastain but the releases had different bassists and drummers. On SICK SOCIETY Dennis Lesh (Trouble/Stygian) was the drummer. On IN DEMENTIA bassist Kevin Kekes (Damien/Crashdollz) was added. On IN AN OUTRAGE drummer Larry Howe (Vicious Rumors) and bassist Dave Starr (Vicous Rumors/WildeStarr) joined the band. 

David adds, “Fortunately I have always been able to get top notch musicians to play on the CHASTAIN albums. Each musician brings their own unique talents which helps make each record sound a little different but still “CHASTAIN.” 

Kate’s 3 albums showcased a great diversity in her vocals. Powerful on most but really emotional on standout tracks such as “Desperately.” David adds: “The album IN DEMENTIA is a Master’s Class in metal vocals. Fortunately on that album we had an unlimited recording budget so Kate spent a ton of time on the vocals and it shows. You really need to listen with headphones to hear all of the different vocal parts she has embedded in those tracks.”

Kate explains the meaning behind some of her favorite tracks from her “CHASTAIN Years.” 
Human Sacrifice: “Never lay down what you believe in to make someone else happy. If someone thinks that their belief in something, or the way they do things is the right way, or better than your way, and they judge you for it, they are sadly mistaken.” 
Tongue: “Written when I was listening to a lot of Halford and Fight tunes. The thought process was that I think a lot of men believe they need to impress a woman to get what they want….an over weakling pride issue when it’s really more simplistic. That is a reason there are so many lesbians in the world….and oral sex is part of that” 

Desperatly: “This song is about unresolved love relationships…no closure…not good.” 

Kate’s current band VAINGLORY just recently released a new Cd called Manifesting Destiny!

David reiterates something he has mentioned in the past: “Personally female singers have always moved me much more than male singers. The only singers who have sent chills up my spine have been females. I could never understand why the fans (especially males) would rather see a male than a female singer. Kate never received the credit she deserved when she was in the band. With the passage of time hopefully peoples’ ears and more importantly their minds will open up about this amazing vocal talent.”

Leviathan Records Music Group releases the remixed Diginet Music Guitar Master recordings. These versions are much more metal sounding! Each release sounds completely different but all are outstanding! Listen to David T. Chastain, the late, great Mark Shelton, John Hahn and Johnny Frankenshred showcase their improvisational guitar wizardry!


The classic LEATHER “Shock Waves: 30 Years Heavy” now on Vinyl (Pure Steel Records), Cd (Dies Irae Records) and Digital (Leviathan Records)!!


New CHASTAIN song arrangements and bonus tracks from the 2013-2019 era.


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CHASTAIN: Releases 1319!

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1319 takes tracks from each of those 5 albums and presents them with different arrangements. Guitarist and Producer David T. Chastain explains “1319 is the album we would have released if we only could have released one album during the Leather Second Generation era. The tracks now are little more listener friendly and more accessible for the first time metal fan who may have never experienced the music before. For long time Chastain fans I believe they will dig the new arrangements.” 

Deciding on which tracks to include in this release was no easy task as the band didn’t think there was a weak track on any of the 5 releases. David adds, “We chose the tracks that I thought I could make the biggest arrangement changes from the originals. When listening to the 5 albums on their own certain tracks I could just hear a new arrangement that I thought would work. Tracks I could make stronger. Of course I could probably do that with any release in the world. The perfect album has yet to be released. Something can always be better.” 

Also included on 1319 is the never before released track “The First Attack.” That track was originally recorded during the “Surrender To No One” sessions but to due to time constraints was not included on the original release. 

David adds, “Having Stian Kristoffersen in the band really helped bring the music to another level with his more modern influences. He is a monster drummer. Leather has never sounded better and bassist Mike Skimmerhorn can always be counted on to hold up the bottom end.” 

CHASTAIN, one of the original US metal pioneers, has once again proved itself to be a unique sound in the history and future of metal. 

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Após passagem pela América Latina em turnê conjunta com Rob Rock, a vocalista Leather Leone subiu ao palco, após 25 anos, com David T. Chastain. A participação especial faz parte da turnê “Last Show On Planet Earth 2”, da banda CJSS, capitaneada por Chastain. A gravação foi feita no último dia 8 de Outubro em Ohio.

Leather comentou: “Estar no palco com David no Bogart’s onde tudo começou para mim … Não há palavras … simplesmente incrível. Será como voltar para casa. Compartilhar música com todos aqueles fãs novamente é de extrema importância para mim”.

David adicionou: “No ano passado era supostamente para ser a  ‘Last Show on Planet Earth’, do CJSS, mas os fãs e o Bogart’s nos convenceram a fazer mais um ‘Last Show’. Até onde eu sei, este será o último show do CJSS. Uma vez que a data foi confirmada, perguntei a Leather se ela queria tocar uma música conosco. Eu queria que ela experimentasse mais uma vez do ambiente do Bogart’s”.