Trashcan Dance: Glam-punksters releases horror & roller skater-themed new single: “Go-Go Dancer”

Publicado: 26/05/2023 por Pedro Mello em Uncategorized

Killing Moon is the name of the album and the band has moved more towards good old streetrock, but has not lost their horror vibes. Go-Go Dancer is a sterling proof of this statement!

Single out on Friday, May 26th.

If you possess the mental cohones, do check out the ice cold story about a rollerskatergirl who’s gone through a personal hell and what happens when her shit hits the fan!

The album is released through the Greek record company Sleaszy Rider Records and more singles will be released this summer.

Stay tuned or be beheaded!!!

Yers truly, the horrible boys from Trashcan Dance

Here´s a six song livestream with new tunes:


Instagram: @trashcan_dance

Inverse Records

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