Damnation Plan: Unveils first video single from their upcoming album

Publicado: 04/04/2023 por Pedro Mello em News

Finnish progressive metallers Damnation Plan has released the first video single ‘Under The Veil Of Sea’ from their upcoming new album ‘The New Horizon’ due out later this year.

Watch the lyrics video from here:

The band’s drummer-songwriter / lyricist Jarkko Lunnas comments:

“Under The Veil Of Sea is an 8 minute progressive metal single that takes you on a journey through a wide range of emotions, from the intense metal all the way to the mellow hypnotic mood painting of the song’s midpart. For this album we shifted from our earlier two-vocalist combo to single vocalist, so 99% of the vocals are this time clean by Asim Searah with his wide vocal reportoire presented also in this song.

The lyrics of the song deal with the yet undiscovered parts of our past that continue to re-shape the understanding of ourselves and our past as human species.”

You can pre-order the new album from the band’s IndieGoGo pre-order campaign here:

The single ‘Under The Veil Of Sea’ will be released on digital streaming / download platforms on April 14th.

The album pre-orderers are able to download the single as audio download from the pre-order campaign already now along its video version release.


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