NEPTUNE: Listen “The Rebirth”

Publicado: 04/11/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

The band Neptune has so far released one album with their old songs and demos from the eighties – ‘Land Of Northern’ and also an album with newly written songs in 2020 -‘Northern Steel’. The album ‘Northern Steel’ gave the band many new fans and they thought that there were some of their older songs on the first album which had too much of a demo sound. The idea with ‘The Rebirth’ is to show the new fans that they gained with ‘Northern Steel’ some of their older songs. The band re-recorded four songs from the ‘Land Of Northern’ album and as they gave the songs a new life, they decided to name the album ‘The Rebirth’. All songs on ‘The Rebirth’ are re-recorded with the band’s new 2020 band setting, still with three original members from the eighties.

For fans of Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon

Recording info: The majority of the album was recorded in the bass players Tosh Ason’s own studio, although some recordings and extra takes were done in the respective member’s home studio. Tosh Ason is also the band’s responsible producer and mix engineer, and although the rest of us often have both wishes and suggestions along the way, it is always Tosh who makes the final decision for the delivery. The recording of ‘The Rebirth’ took place during the final part of the pandemic, so timewise it took more time from start to finish than we had anticipated. The master of the album is done by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering.

Row Alex – vocal
Anders Olsson – guitar
Jonas Wikström – drums
Tosh A-son – bass/backing vocal
Johan Rosth – keyboard


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