LYZZÄRD: reveal cover art, tracklist & 1st song from new album!

Publicado: 14/10/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

Portuguese Heavy Metal band LYZZÄRD, has just revealed the cover art and 1st advance single for their 2nd album “The Abyss”, which will be released on December 1st, 2022 through Fighter Records on CD and Digital formats.

LYZZÄRD emerged in 2013, releasing their first EP “Release the Hounds” in 2014. Already in 2017, they signed with Fighter Records for the release of their 1st album “Savage”. After playing several shows in Portugal, Spain and Germany, the pandemic came and two changes in the line-up happened as well, to finally record their 2nd album in 2022 under the title “The Abyss” and which will again be released by Fighter Records. Currently, LYZZÄRD are stronger than ever and eager to return to the stage!!

Tracklist for “The Abyss” is as follows:

01. Satan’s Well
02. The Abyss
03. Shackles of Justice
04. Red Hot
05. Jailbreaker
06. Distant Skies
07. Agents of Death
08. From the Blade to the Grave
09. Resistance
10. As Above So Below

The release date for LYZZÄRD “The Abyss” will be the 1st of December 2022 through Fighter Records on CD & Digital formats. In the meantime, check out LYZZÄRD’s official Facebook site here: and listen to a song from the album on the following link:

Against PR

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