THE PIT: stream the Lords Of Chaos movie for limited time

Publicado: 03/10/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

After already presenting some amazing content on the platform with ‘RocKabul’, ‘Soaring Highs And Brutal Lows’ or ‘Sound Of Scars’ about Life Of Agony, THE PIT (aka the first ever SVOD platform dedicated to the ROCK & METAL universe), recently added new amazing content with the movie Lord Of Chaos (2018) directed by Swedish filmaker Jonas Åkerlund and acclaimed by professional critics.

But there is a “twist”. Right now and for a very limited time, Lord Of Chaos is available for FREE STREAMING on the platform.

Watch the official trailer:

“A teenager’s quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s results in a very violent outcome”.

In 1987 Oslo, 17-year-old Euronymous becomes fixated on creating “true Norwegian black metal” with his band Mayhem. He mounts shocking publicity stunts to put the band’s name on the map, but the lines between show and reality begin to blur.  

Stream the ‘Lord of Chaos’ movie for FREE on THE PIT:

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