KOSMIK TOMB: release debut album Origins Of The Horror

Publicado: 03/10/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

Duplicate Records proudly presents Norwegian cosmic horror death metal act KOSMIK TOMB, whose debut album Origins of the Horror is out now on CD, cassette and digital formats. The Vinyl version is expected in early 2023.

There is a scene in the movie adaptation of The Mist by Stephen King where a group of the last surviving characters beholds one of the monstrous, trans-dimensional creatures emerging from the thick fog. A collision of worlds so incomprehensible and unfathomable that the characters realize that the only way forward is that of death, the horrors of it all too great to bear. This scene encapsulates the mood presented in Origins of the Horror, the debut release by Kosmik Tomb. Through seven tracks of doomy death metal with intermittent ambient passages and soundscapes throughout, the album summons forth a vision of alien monstrosities, emerging from dimensions unknown. Here is no peace, and mankind’s doom is the only certainty. The vast cosmos harboring untold horrors ready to break through leaving little doubt of humanity’s insignificance in the cold dark of space, and in the desolation thereafter, the world remains little more than a KOSMIK TOMB.

By drawing on influences ranging from Lovecraftian comic horror, but firmly using it as a means to an end in order to create a world of its own, to the musical works of Incantation, Disembowelment and Winter. Nevertheless, Kosmik Tomb do not attempt to emulate these and similar acts exactly but rather attempts to take these influences in order to create a soundscape that conjures a vision of the unearthly terrors that dwell beyond our perceptions. The cover art, created by Chris Cold, serves as a visual presentation of the gateways between mankind and these monstrous worlds beyond – the Origins of the Horror.

KOSMIK TOMB is the sole creation of A (NACHASH, HIDEOUS DEATH), responsible for all music, lyrics and performing all instruments.

For fans of Disembowelment, Winter, Incantation, Lovecraft

Bandcamp: https://duplicaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/origins-of-the-horror
Label webshop: https://duplicaterecords.no/
Label Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DuplicateRecords

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