Cult of the Fox: Out soon, “Blood Omens”

Publicado: 03/10/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

Cult of the Fox was formed in 2007 by vocalist Magnus Hultman and bassist Peter Svensson. Throughout the year members have come and gone but the core team of Hultman/Svensson is still intact. The band has released three albums so far: “A Vow of Vengeance” (2011), “Angelsbane” (2013) and “By the Styx” (2018). Their newly recorded album “Blood Omens” features guest appearances from Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest) and Lips (Anvil). The focus of the band has always been on powerful yet melodic songs with strong conviction and passion. The band has played all over Europe and their high-energy shows always win over new fans.

The new album, “Blood Omens” will be released on CD and digital by Obelisk Polaris Productions on October 28, 2022.

For fans of Grave Digger, Grand Magus, Rage, and Judas Priest.

Recorded by: Magnus Hultman and Peter Svensson at Firefly Studios and Nightwind Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Magnus Hultman at Firefly Studios.
Arranged and produced by: Cult of the Fox.


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