Arendia: “A Radial To The Sea” (Heavy Metal from United Kingdom)

Publicado: 30/09/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

The album is the band’s first full-length and their first new music in six years, following on from their well-received 2016 EP Sanctuary of the Moors.

Building on a long-established foundation of traditional, thrash and black metal influences, it’s a captivating release that blends elements of all these genres to create a diverse album that is sure to appeal to an equally diverse range of music fans.

To help promote A Radial to the Sea, the band recently released new single The Moon-Gazing Hare on Spotify and YouTube. This bold and confident track offers a satisfying taster of the musical craftsmanship the album displays across its nine tracks, resulting in a confident and powerful release that is equal parts melodic and impactful.

A Radial to the Sea once again brings together the talents and experience of long-time band members Ged Brown, (bass/vocals) Mark Fishwick (guitar) and Simon Brotherton (drums). As well as crafting their songs together as a unit, the band have always been keen to cover a variety of lyrical themes. On this release, as well as further exploring both the history and folklore of England (A Radial to the Sea/Drybones Wood), the lyrics touch on both ancient legends (The Cauldron/The Nemean Lion) and modern world history (Island of Ghosts, Novichok).

Simon Brotherton said: “Even before the pandemic put things back, we’d been spending a lot of time on these tracks and getting them sounding exactly as we wanted. We’re so happy to finally let this album loose on the world and show everyone what we’ve been up to!”

Formed in 2004 as a side project, Arendia became a full-time band in 2007 with the addition of guitarist Mark Fishwick. Their subsequent second and third demos have since been compiled and released as Wild Woods in 2016 along with the Sanctuary of the Moors EP.

For fans of Insomnium, Amorphis, Bathory, Winterfylleth

Recorded at What Studio, Liverpool.


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