Rosa Nocturna: “Angels and beasts”(Symphonic folk metal from Czech Republic)

Publicado: 28/09/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

The fourth album Angels and Beasts is again in the spirit of symphonic folk metal. It preserves melodic richness and instrumental diversity. Newly, it brings more straightforward power metal elements. Besides the band members, the album was recorded by 13 guest musicians and singers. Despite all this, the album retains its compactness, the songs flow in a carefully prepared sequence and unfold tense stories.

As the name suggests, the main theme of the album is the age-old struggle between good and evil.

The album Angels and beasts was released in 2020 in the Czech language. In 2022 it was released in English. The Czech version includes also two English songs. The English version includes only English songs but as a bonus song, it contains an older song Of love, of war, of blood.

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For fans of Avantasia, Eluveitie, Epica


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