Susurro: German Death/Thrash Metal band released their debut album

Publicado: 26/09/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

German Death/Thrash Metal band Susurro released their debut album « Erratic ». The release was recorded in “AKS Studios”, and mixed/mastered by Andy Lux. The album artwork is by Caio Caldas from City: São Paulo.

Susurro was formed in 2019 at Allmersbach, Germany by Jack Skaner (vocals/guitar). Soon after Mr. Six-Ell (bass) and Winzent Walace (guitars/keyboard) joined the band and the lineup was completed. The band released their first 2 singles “No Way Out” and “Ghost Rider” in 2019, the single “Hateful” in 2020 and the single “Leopard Doesn’t Change It`s Spots” in 2021.

Jack Skaner – Vocal / Guitar
Winzent-Walace – Guitar, Key
Mr-Six-Ell – Bass
Jack Skaner – Studio Drums


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