Johanna Rutto: Heavy metal singer will release a new single

Publicado: 10/06/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

J. Rutto (Ex Evil-Lyn), who jumped into a solo career, is taking a step towards industrial music.
Relevant rude threats and confusions are allowed.

The new song was made in collaboration with artists Ölf-Lex and Dräkä. The song is recorded, mixed and mastered at Kohmelo Records.

“The idea for the song itself came from the promo images. I had a vision from the pictures I tried to take with photographer Pasi Helin around the time of my previous single “Unleash The Madnes”. Implementation remained halfway and we tried again. After all, it still needed a song followed, so I contacted Ölf-Lex, familiar from SFS-666 band and we set out to do the song together. The music video is part of the vicious story and dazzles viewers with it’s visuals.

The video can be watched here:


Kohmelo Records

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