Wolfbreath: ‘A Rusted Life In Plague’ newest single feat KMNG of Serigala Malam

Publicado: 23/05/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

One year after they released their debut album, hardcore band from Magelang, Indonesia called Wolfbreath throws a new single titled ‘A Rusted Life In Plague’ featuring one of the indonesian hardcore icon called KMNG from Serigala Malam. As the title itself, this single tells about the depressive situation, difficult, and dark that caused by a pandemic that destroys all aspects of life, social and economic. And at this difficult time, there are still many people who deliberately take advantage or even do corruption.

“In this new single, we wanted to explore something new and different than before. It starts from a more depressive, dark, surreal lyrical theme and we also added metal/metallic hardcore elements to our new musical character. And we’re no doubt to say that we’re so proud to be collaborating with KMNG (Serigala Malam) the one who has been a role model for each of us since we listened hardcore in the first time.”

You can listen this single on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and all streaming platforms.

Artwork : @iam_gyong
Mixing/Mastering : @petrusdianagus
Released : @beatjeatstronger

Spotify link :

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