ASKARA : new single & lyric video and album release

Publicado: 20/02/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

With the new single “Hibernation”, taken from the upcoming album “Lights Of Night”, the swiss based Melodic Metal Band ASKARA present the perfect Winter-Song with it’s atmospheric piano and string based arrangement and the wonderful voice of female singer Miril.

Along with the single release a lyric video, which even more emphasizes the mood of the song, will be published too.

The Swiss melodic dark metal band ASKARA has been an active part of the metal scene since 2013. Following their debut album “Horizon Of Hope” from 2016, they are going to release their second album “Lights Of Night” in April 2022 via Fastball Music.

Similar to their debut album the band presents a powerful, at times dark, but always melodic metal sound that is consistently captivating from production right up to songwriting.

ASKARA succeed in playing their very own style of dark metal and coming up with new ideas that are unheard-of. The perfect symbiosis of the two singing voices of vocalist Miril and bass player / vocalist Elia who is responsible for the deliberate use bgrowls, creates a fascinating oeuvre with catchy highlights throughout the entire album. Raphael on drums and guitar player Benjamin also provide that groovy, hard-edged, atmospheric and melodic mix that describes ASKARA’s music and calls out to many metal fans.

The album features straightforward, catchy songs like e. g. the first single “Dark Night Of The Soul Pt. I” or the pervasive song “By God” (another single release) as well as the epic “To Ailsa Rock” with a running time of close to nine minutes that demonstrate the musical range impressively.

The four-piece band also wins live on stage which they already proved in the past by playing on festivals and as the opener for “Sleeping Romance” during their international tour. At the moment, the band cooperates with the Dutch booking agency Desert Rose to organize new gigs which will hopefully take place soon and as before.

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