SEPTEM: New album, “Pseudonica”. Out Now.

Publicado: 24/01/2022 por Pedro Mello em News

After the release of the first promo in 2011, the first album in 2013 and the second one in 2016, SEPTEM decided to shut themselves in the studio to collaborate on their third album called PSEUDONICA. This album is a strong blend of melodies reminiscent of British Heavy Metal combined with modern, intensely accelerated rhythms. The fruits of their labor make an album that is polished yet fierce with hard-hitting songs balanced with catchy melodies which amalgamate perfectly with growls and venom-spitting snarls. SEPTEM opened shows for various artists such as Tank, Frostmoon Eclipse, Cadaveria, Pino Scotto, Sabotage to name only a few. With the release of this album, SEPTEM will tour Italy and some countries in Europe. This album was recorded at Italian top Nadir Music Studios in Genoa with the expert supervision of Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) as the producer.

Classic Heavy Metal combined with modern, intensely accelerated rhythms and growl.

Recorded and mixed by producer Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) at Italian famous Nadir Music Studios.

For fans of Iron Maiden, In Flames, Helloween.

1. Limbo
2. The Otherside
3. Blood and Soul
4. Man on the Bridge
5. Sa Femmina Accabadora
6. Pseudonica
7. The Lust within
8. Devil in Disguise
9. Call of Love
10. The North Star

Daniele Armanini – vocals
Andrea Albericci – bass
Enrico Montaperto – guitar
Luca Riggio – guitar
Matteo Gigli – drums


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