Secondhand Depression: limited edition EP is available for pre-order now! 

Publicado: 30/11/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

Secondhand Depression’s limited edition EP is available for pre-order now! Included with the pre-order is a collection of drum samples (for those who are recording enthusiasts), a previously unreleased cover of Tiamat’s “Cain” as well as stickers and a download of the ep itself. 

More details and an option to pre-order can be made at – keep in mind these are super limited packages so order then quickly! 

The initial announcement video detailing the re-release can be viewed here

Releasing January 28, 2022

The drum sample library is already up for sale and there is also a free snare sample set available from recent recording sessions. 

The super limited EP package will be available on Jan. 28 with a pre-order launching soon. The songs are available on all streaming services and on Bandcamp. 

EP Re-Release Details:

limited jewel case with artwork by Stefan Skjoedt & Yeganeh Ghasemi

All four original tracks from the 2020 digital release and lyrics sheet

Free download of Tiamat “Cain” cover before release on global streaming services 

Free download of drum samples 

There is currently no price for the package, but the drum sample library is priced at $20 CAD. 

Secondhand Depression Tracklisting:

Victims of a Victimless Crime

The Long Road Home


The New Weird 

For all things Secondhand Depression, visit 






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