Phoenix Titan: Finnish heavy metal band released a new track inspired by classical horror story

Publicado: 13/11/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

“Ripper” is the follow-up to the Finnish heavy metal band Phoenix Titan’s 2019 debut album. Lyrical theme and the video handle the lurking and knife waving character that also suits into Halloween traditions. The music combines traditional and modern heavy metal sound into the band’s own hard and melodic expression.

Check the lyric video: 

Listen to “Ripper”

2014 founded Phoenix Titan from Hyvinkää, Finland is a melodic metal band that released their debut album “Avatar of Fire” in 2019. The album received lots of praises around the world. However touring ended before it even started in 2020 – because: you know why. Anyway the and hasn’t been unoccupied as they have been working with new material. 


Harri Ahola – Vocals
Topi Vuorela – Guitar
Santtu Rautiainen – Guitar
Juhana Ovaska – Bass
Tatu Rautiainen – Drums

Inverse Records

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