Moonscar: Listen, “Blood Moon”

Publicado: 08/11/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

MOONSCAR is a solo project and the new spiritual child of Maria Brkc from the city of Thessaloniki, north Greece. All instruments, music and lyrics are performed and arranged by Maria herself resulting in one of the best releases of atmospheric black metal from Greece.


• Limited edition of 500 copies on CD as a first print.
• Super limited edition vinyl LP specially mastered, with two-sided insert and poster, limited to 150 copies in black and 50 copies in red vinyl
exclusively from the label.
• The final mixing and mastering for this release was done by George Emmanuel (ex-ROTTING CHRIST, LUCIFER’S CHILD) at his own
Pentagram Studios in Piraeus in May 2021.
• Essential release for all fans of quality atmospheric black metal in the vein of DIMMU BORGIR, LIMBONIC ART or CRADLE OF FILTH.

01. Blood Moon
02. Dim Light
03. Darkest Desire
04. Mortis Ex Animae
05. Fate’s Call
06. Abyssal Eclipse


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