AQUILUS: Second Musical Offering “Lucille’s Gate” at Decibel NOW!!!

Publicado: 03/11/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

AQUILUS has released a second single “Lucille’s Gate” from the upcoming album Bellum I . Horace Rosenqvist, composer and producer, remarks “this track showcases some of the more blackened metal elements on the album. And the killer drumming by the AQUILUS live/session drummer Zebadee Scott.”

Listen to newly premiered “Lucille’s Gate” here:

“Lucille’s Gate” follows the first single/video “Into the Wooded Hollows,” which was released October 5th, from the upcoming album Bellum I. Ten years in the making, Bellum I continues AQUILUS’s signature blend of acoustic elements with an assortment of acoustic guitars and pianos to violins, mandolas, fipple flutes, balalaika, gusli and bowed psaltery, recalling the aura and dexterity of emotive film composers Bernard Herrmann (Psycho, The Twilight Zone) and Thomas Newman (Shawshank Redemption, Six Feet Under) . Once work began, the opus grew so furiously that the decision was ultimately made to split it into two parts, beginning with Bellum I.

With influences ranging from early Metallica to the early works of Solefald, Opeth and Katatonia, combined with the classical romanticism of Rachmaninov and Chopin,“Bellum I is an atmospheric metal album with a fusion of classical/film, folk and black metal influences, continuing in the tradition of the work started on the first album, ‘Griseus,’ and evolving to new levels,” Rosenqvist says.

Showcasing the band’s rare amalgam of authentic classical, European folk and black metal influences, alongside AQUILUS’s unique multi-instrumentation and compositional complexity, Bellum I is a stunning tribute to perfection and a testament to the beauty and chaos of creation. 

Pre-orders for Bellum I are available today at

Bellum I track listing:1. The Night Winds of Avila2. Into Wooded Hollows3. Eternal Unrest4. Moon Isabelline5. The Silent Passing6. Embered Waters7. Lucille’s Gate8. Empyreal Nightsky About AQUILUS:

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, AQUILUS’s music is composed and produced by Horace Rosenqvist and recorded in collaboration with session musicians. The amount of detail poured into each note is immeasurable. Years of dedication were undertaken to produce the finest works. 

AQUILUS online:

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