Autumn Nostalgie: Out today! “Ataraxia”

Publicado: 29/10/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

Back in 2010 mastermind, Gergely Almásy formed Autumn Nostalgie as a solo-project from the ashes of the Dark Ambient project “Fekete Erdő”. For ten years almost nothing has been released, until 2020 the debut album „Esse Est Percipi” came out, receiving much praise from fans and critics alike.

The sophomore album „Ataraxia” is ideologically a continuation of the debut, although it tries to interpret the raised philosophical and metaphysical problems from other points of view. Musically, it is closest to Atmospheric / Post Black Metal. In 2021 József Nagy joined Autumn Nostalgie as a permanent drummer.

1. Bevezető (1:18)
2. Alámerülés (4:22)
3. Memento Vivere (7:55)
4. The Abyss of Realization (5:27)
5. The Dark Night of the Soul (3:02)
6. Ataraxia (7:44)
7. Shadows of Summer Trees (3:13)

Gergely Almásy (Guitars, vocals)
József Nagy (Drums)

Recorded in Gila Studio during February-March 2021

Facebook: Official

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