Anima Hereticae: “Ov Behest”

Publicado: 30/09/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

Blackened deathmetal band Anima Hereticae is releasing their debut EP on 1st of October 2021. Three piece band draws their influence musically from both the soundscape of northern melancholy and more modern sounding death metal. Thematically the band pays tribute to the raw beauty of the northern nature and mysticism in it’s darkest. Band is made up of players from bands such as Aeonian Sorrow, Red Moon Architect, Paara & Frosttide. All songs have been composed by bands guitarist Taneli Jämsä and the lyrics and aesthetics are the work of bassist-singer Ville Rutanen.

The EP features three songs all original to the band and faithful to the band’s theme and sound. Ov Behest is the first single of the EP and is accompanied by a video released previously. The EP was recorded and orchestrations arranged by Saku Moilanen who has previously worked with bands like Wolfheart.

Listen the EP on music services:


Apple Music:




Anima Hereticae is:
Ville Rutanen / Bass & Vocals
Taneli Jämsä / Guitars & Backing vocals
Teppo Ristola / Drums


Inverse Records

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