Rebellix: October release, “Serpent’s Kiss”

Publicado: 15/09/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

Finnish thrash/heavy metal band Rebellix is set to release their upcoming EP Serpent’s Kiss on October 15th 2021 via Inverse Records.

The first single, named after the EP is released along with music video and it can be seen here:

The video also features appearance by Avatar’s Johannes Eckerström.

Track list:

  1. Serpent’s Kiss
  2. Fuck You
  3. Play the Game
  4. Hail to the Sky

Samuel Honkavaara (Vocals, Guitar)
Tomi Lappalainen (Rhythm Guitar)
Kimmo Keipinen (Bass)
Mikael Leinonen (Drums)


Rebellix is a Finnish melodic metal band from Helsinki, formed by Samuel Honkavaara in the end of 2016 from the ashes of other bands. Rebellix has been Rocking the underground of finnish Heavy Metal music since then, playing plenty of shows and participating to band competitions, sometimes winning some of them.

After many formation changes, Rebellix has been stable with Samuel Honkavaara as Lead guitarist and singer, Tomi Lappalainen as rhythm guitarist and Mikael Leinonen as drummer, joined then by Kimmo Keipinen on the bass.

Rebellix has released one Demo (Last Call), two singles (This is War, Fightmare) and two EP’s (Final Decay, Rotten Rolls). If you ask us what we are playing, well, we’d say it’s a genuine mix of modern and old school heavy metal, integrated with some cheesy elements from glam metal, and catchy choruses inspired to punk rock music.


Inverse Records

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