RAVEN BLACK NIGHT: “Run With The Raven” – a breathe underground through every pore with a gritty production

Publicado: 25/08/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

At a pace that divides between mind-blowing heavy metal and damaging doom metal, the twelve tracks of “Run with the Raven” breathe underground through every pore with gritty production, reminiscent of Saint Vitus, that becomes irrevocably intoxicating – it’s the sincerity that dominates. In addition, you can count on many reminiscences of all-time idols such as guitarist Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), some thicker distortions that once gave rise to stoner rock, and a surprising mix between traditional hard rock and punk rock energy. Between peaks and valleys, Raven Black Night creates dark journeys with a certain romanticized and always doomed sense, an environment in which we will walk side-by-side with ancient world warriors, battles, queens and princesses, and there is also room for metaphors related to real life.

“Run with the Raven” began in 2013 after the release of “Barbarian Winter” by Metal Blade», the band reveals. «We started improvising riffs and song ideas. We wanted to make a release that was sonorously direct and not too compressed, with songs that you can sing and hum along to, like older hard rock and metal bands that exhibit versatility within the style. We also wanted to increase our presence in Europe after our appearances in Greece (Up the Hammers Festival) and Germany, and let people know that we are still here. You can expect an album full of honesty and hard rock that comes from the heart with a good dose of heavy metal in an old-school approach and with attention paid to songwriting.»

«With rock, metal and doom, expect catchy hooks with rawness and beauty mixed in», the group adds. «In the end, as the great Lemmy says, it’s all rock and roll!»

For fans of Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Manilla Road, and Saint Vitus.

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