UNDERGROUND FIRE: release video for new single “Passage”

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June 18th 2021 sees the release of the new single and promo video ”Passage” from UNDERGROUNDFIRE’s debut album ”Ashes of Life”. The limited-edition 12-inch features the remastered full-length version of ”Passage” and will also feature the exclusive track ”Poison Heart”, a cover of Dee Dee Ramone’s classic.

”Passage” was recorded at Studio Cobra, Stockholm, by Martin Ehrencrona (ex-Viagra Boys, ex-Les Big Byrd). Written together with Andreas ”Whiplasher” Bergh (Deathstars) on a late, late night, it was one of the last songs completed for the album.

“It is perhaps one of the most gothic tracks on ”Ashes of Life”, but as most of the album it has musical influences from all kind of genres.”, comments Rob Coffinshaker

The promo video was filmed by Mattias Larsson (Marytale Filmbyrå AB, Sweden), who also filmed the last video from UNDERGROUND FIRE, ”End of the Night”.

”Poison Heart” was recorded at Z18, Karlstad, Sweden, by Tomas Eriksson (Lykantropi). It’s a song that has been part of Rob’s solo set for many years and it was one of the first songs UNDERGROUND FIRE rehearsed when starting out.

UNDERGROUND FIRE is Rob Coffinshaker (vocals/guitar), Anders Karlsson (lead guitar), Robert Schlyter (bass) & Edvin Norrman (drums).

Get the Limited Edition 12-inch vinyl and band merch from www.criticalmass.se (Worldwide shipping).

Label: https://www.criticalmass.se

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robcoffinshakersundergroundfire

Instagram: @rcundergroundfire

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/58aTWpcVPsrJiQqT4hjYjE?si=-bQW_hqsROeifk1nf-6LGg&dl_branch=1&nd=1

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