TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH: release a new single “Where Fires March Victorious”

Publicado: 30/05/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

On 18 June, “Where Mountains Rise and Hearts Fall”, the debut album of the Viking/Melodic Deathers from Tragedy and Triumph, will be released. The album was recorded and produced by mastermind Marius Berendsen (Mallevs Maleficarvm, Antares, Ex-Thyrgrim) itself, who was also in charge of founding this project.

Nevertheless, Tragedy and Triumph will not be a pure studio project but plans to storm the stages with a live line-up as soon as the pandemic circumstances allow it.

A first taste of the 11 tracks of the 54-minute long player is now available on Youtube with “Where Fires March Victorious”.

You can listen at this location: 


  1. Heldengrab – Intro
  2. I, Triumphant
  3. Five Arrows
  4. Where fires march victorious
  5. Beneath the howling gate
  6. Of Mountains and Wardrums
  7. In pride and sorrow
  8. Ride for Revenge
  9. Hymn for a newborn star
  10. Where Mountains rise and Hearts fall – Instrumental
  11. Lost War – Outro


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