MegaSnake: Finnish heavy rock power quartet released their first single

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Finnish power quartet MegaSnake has released their first single “Sun Don’t Shine”. Band’s line-up is singer Richard ”Tipe” Johnson (Leningrad Cowboys, Gringos Locos, Apocalyptica’s live line-up), drummer Twist Twist Erkinharju (Peer Günt, Leningrad Cowboys, Los Bastardos Finlandeses), guitar player Samuel Hjelt (Kings of Modesty, ex-Ancara) and bass player Henrik Tuura (Kings of Modesty, Killer Kachina).

Just lately the band signed a record deal with Inverse Records and now the first single has seen the light of day. MegaSnake describes the song as “nice summer song”.

Listen to “Sun Don’t Shine”:
Youtube: (Music video)
Bandcamp: Music: Siitä

What’s in a name? A: Everything B: Nothing

MegaSnake!?!?!?!?!? WTF!? Really!? 

MegaSnake is a fourpiece Rock band from Finland, who carrytheir name with dignity and pride. MegaSnake is out to have a good time, putting smiles on peoplesfaces (and their own) with high energy R’n’R. 

As far as previous history goes (former bands/projects etc.) theMegaSnake gentlemen sure have it and then some. 

Richard “Tipe” Johnson: Vocals, GuitarGringos Locos, Leningrad Cowboys (1998-2010), Raskasta Joulua,
Apocalyptica (Live vocals, 2009-), Osmo`s Cosmos (2017-) 

Twist Twist Erkinharju: DrumsPeer Günt, Leningrad Cowboys, Raskasta Joulua, Los Bastardos
Finlandeses, Dog Days Revolution, Kari Peitsamo & Devils Milk. 

Samuel Hjelt: GuitarsKings of Modesty, Ex AncarA. 

Henrik Tuura: BassKings of Modesty, Killer Kachina. 

Having been around the block several times the guys also knowhow to take their music seriously, while not themselves too seriously. The MegaSnake gents say: “We might grow older but we’llnever grow up”. 

Anyway, here’s MegaSnake with their first single release Sun Don’t Shine. Enjoy!!! 

So: What’s in a name?

The guys in MegaSnake choose A and B 

P.SMaybe playing covers by Whitesnake and Megadeath explains everything. Or then again nothing.

Inverse Music

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