Death Pop Radio: Release Their Debut Album and Premiere their New Video for Flatliners

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CHICAGO, IL (May 7, 2021) — DEATH POP RADIO announces the digital release of their self-titled debut album via Dark Star Records on May 7th. CDs of the debut album will be available on May 21st. The video for Flatliners was premiered on is now available worldwide. You can watch the video at:

Listen and purchase Death Pop Radio:

“Flatliners is about those that no longer think or act for themselves, you’re dead, a Flatliner.” Lead vocalist Eric Liljehorn.

Talking about the new video Flatliners, guitarist Dee J Nelson said, “The music for Flatliners was based on a really cool drumbeat that our drummer Jimmy sent me. The beat was so badass the guitar part wrote itself.”

“Rebel Radio is supporting Death Pop Radio. I hear Industrial, Metal, Rock and some Grunge in their music. Great to see these fellow Chicago guys getting national attention on their new single.” – Scott Davidson (Rebel Radio)

“This album, for DEATH POP RADIO, was a perfect reflection of what happens when you take four guys with a wide range of tastes musically, mix in self-reflection, some humor, some horror, a pandemic, and heat it all up over a flame of desire to create something you were waiting for someone else to do.” – DEATH POP RADIO.

“Standing on the shoulders of Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, DEATH POP RADIO perpetrate a cheeky brand of macabre rock mischief, sounding like a hummable slasher flick or a head-banging haunted house ride.” – Andee Blacksugar – KMFDM

“Dee J is such a fun and interesting guitar player. He writes really hooky riffs and killer, smart little guitar licks. Great guitarist! He’s like an alien!” – Edsel Dope – Dope

“I’ve had the unique opportunity of watching DEATH POP RADIO grow from an idea, to a single song, to the powerful force of hard rock that they have become. And I have enjoyed every last minute of that ride. Every single time I hear a new song by them, or watch them perform live, it is obvious that they are even better than they were before. Their sound becomes tighter and more well-defined, while the songs become more creative…and that’s what excites me most about them. I love what they’ve done in the past, but I’m most excited to see what comes next!” – Dan Milligan – The Joy Thieves

Track Listing:
Monster TV
Rock ‘em Sock ‘em
Bitten Lips
Wake Up Drop Dead
Roses and Disdain
Knocked Down
Rat Tail
Jesus Crisis
F@#k It!
Like A Bomb (The Joy Thieves Remix)
F@#k It! (Radio Edit)
Knocked Down (Radio Edit)

Produced by Dee J Nelson Mixed by Dee J Nelson
Engineered by Dee J Nelson
Recorded at DJN Music Studio

Death Pop Radio is:
Dee J Nelson — Guitars – Vocals/Production
Eric Liljehorn/EL Mysterioso — Vocals / Lyrics
Mike Streicher — Bass/Vocals
Jim Bluthardt — Drums

About Death Pop Radio:
DEATH POP RADIO began their journey as a song, not a band. A fun collaboration that quickly blossomed into a full-blown Hard-Pop-Grunge melting pot of backstories and musical experience.

Their debut single and video, “Ravens”, had thousands of views and hits within days. DEATH POP RADIO was born and came into the world with a natural buzz within the Chicago music scene.

The band started in late 2017 when guitarist Dee J Nelson ran into lead vocalist Eric Liljehorn at a King’s-X show in Chicago. A few quick words; a potential collaboration and mutual love for all things musical. The two began working on a few of Dee J’s songs together and both could tell something right away was simply “clicking”. Shortly after the release of “Ravens” it was clear a full band was in order. In need of a name, the band started out by temporarily using the title of its flagship song “Ravens” and while the temp name stuck longer than expected the guys eventually found the name that would fit them and their unique blend of rock and grunge – DEATH POP RADIO

Dee J and Eric were soon joined by two Chicago area veterans, drummer Jimmy B and bassist Mike Streicher. With a mixed bag rhythm section of thrashy, grunge drumming and hard rock bass added into the fray, DPR was on their way to creating their own flavor and sound. DPR’s haunted funhouse style is on full display in forthcoming singles include “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em” “Ravens”, and “Wake Up Drop Dead”. With their raw and driving rhythms and sing-along style hooks, DEATH POP RADIO’s sound sits comfortably somewhere between Kings X and White Zombie. Add in a sprinkle of industrial sound design and this blackbird soars. The response has been nothing short of overwhelming… Is it the death of pop? No, it’s just DEATH POP RADIO!

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