Mortyfear: July release, “My Dystopia”

Publicado: 05/05/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

Mortyfear was founded already in the late 90’s in Ostrobothnia, the rugged heart of Finland by Tapio Laitila. Since then, the band has published several releases including EP’s and one album. Few years ago Mortyfear renewed it’s line-up and began to work passionately on their second full-length album. During the recording process the band developed the recognizable Mortyfear sound to a more chaotic and haunting direction and the outcome can be heard on the new album My Dystopia.

Each song in the new album is a different story and they connect to a big picture called My dystopia. Songs take you to the darkest corners of the human mind with their oppressive heaviness, cinematic atmosphere and hooky melodies.

Track list:
1. Circus Called Life
2. Jester’s Downfall
3. Black Noise
4. Plastic World
5. Spoiled
6. Misfortunate Phoenix
7. Delete
8. Dark Waters

Janne Keskitalo – Vocals
Ville Kivimäki – Drums
Tapio Laitila – Bass
Riku Metsä-Ketelä – Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals Jorma Muhonen – Guitars, Vocal

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Watch Misfortunate Phoenix music video: 

Watch Plastic World music video: 
Watch Delete music video: 

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