No Terror in The Bang: Check the video, “Another Kind Of Violence”

Publicado: 27/04/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

No Terror in The Bang is a Cinematic Metal band from Rouen, France, born in March 2019.

It was created by Alexis Damien (former Pin-up went down, Composition, Drums & orchestration) & Sofia Bortoluzzi (Vocals, composition), with Etienne Cochin (Guitar), Brice Bouchard (Bass), Clément Bernard (Guitar), Romain Greffe (Keys)

It weaves a chiaroscuro universe, between fragility and fury.

Band’s name recalls a quote from Alfred Hitchcock, evoking the calm before the storm and the tension of his films :

“ There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it. ”

Indeed, NTITB’s songs alternate between dreams and nightmares, turbulence and frenzy.

It evokes Deftones, Pain of Salvation, Jazmin Bean, Poppy, System of a Down, Faith no more, Muse, Korn, Devin Townsend…

The cinematographic moods find their influences among composers of film & classical music : Hildur Gudnadottir, Johann Jóhannsson, Danny Elfmann, Bernard Hermann, Wojciech Kilar, Saint Saëns, Ravel, Stravinsky, Satie.

Their first album “Eclosion” will be released on 5 March 2021 with M&O Music, distributed by Season of Mist, MVD for USA & CODE 7 (UK)

​The album is recorded and mixed by Sebastien Langle, Mastered by Atelier Mastering (Pierrick Noël). Produced by Alexis Damien.

No Terror In The Bang

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