Hear ‘N Now Releases New Single and Video “Let’s Rock The Stage”

Publicado: 19/04/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

The Pittsburgh-based label, RFL Records, has teamed up with the multi-artist coalition, Hear ‘n Now, to release the initiative’s second single, “Let’s Rock the Stage.” Off the heels of last year’s early pandemic collaboration, Hear ‘n Now dropped the track “No Road to Ruin,” as a way to raise awareness and financial relief for those who were hit hard by the initial impact of COVID-19.

This time around with Phase 2, efforts were focused on raising awareness and support for the Save Our Stages Act which was designed and implemented as a means to assist music venues and booking agencies that may be facing financial crisis and/or permanent closure.

Once again, Pennsylvania based promoter and internet radio host, William Loney, along with his Keep it Metal Promotions, organized a team of passionate artists from around the United States and as far away as Australia, who donated their time wanting to make a difference.

“We’re excited about the release of Let’s Rock the Stage and honored to be a part of Hear ‘N Now once again,” said Keep it Metal Promotion’s Loney.“Every little bit helps and this is our little bit.”

Hear ‘N Now – Phase 2 “Let’s Rock The Stage” available now at:

“Let’s Rock the Stage” includes the talents of Chris Natalini of Blood Feast, Stu “The Hammer” Marshall of Death Dealer, Steve Stine from GuitarZoom, Taryn Dorothy of Starlight, Ed Mischke of Veronica, “The V” Freeman, Brian Ozz of Blackened Earth and the band Corners of Sanctuary (COS). 

“Playing live is such a huge part of what we do and seeing some of these venues having to shut their doors is incredibly crushing to me,” said vocalist Chris Natalini of Blood Feast. “So when Hear ‘n Now asked me to be a part of another project, I jumped at the chance.”

“Let’s Rock the Stage” was written and produced by COS guitarist Mick Michaels and mastered by former Metal Blade Records exec and legendary producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, W.A.S.P., Fates Warning).

“As artists, we have a responsibility to do our part to not only help the scene thrive but to keep it alive…especially during times like these,” said songwriter Mick Michaels. “We have to pay it forward to ensure there is still a scene to be a part of for years to come.”

Additional sponsors to the project include A Creation Productions, March Baby Media, Wrecking Ball Metal Fest, Cosmick Productions and the Vagabond Entertainment Group which produced the new single’s lyric video.

“Appreciate being a part of it…thanks for having me on board,” expressed guitarist Ed Mischke from Veronica “The V” Freeman.

“My pleasure…anytime,” echoed guitarist Stu “The Hammer”Marshall of Death Dealer.

View “No Road to Ruin” lyric video here: 

“Let’s Rock the Stage” is now available digitally through RFL Records and bundled together with several other songs including “No Road to Ruin,” “Wild Card” and “Tonight We Roll;” two tracks donated by Corners of Sanctuary.

More on the Hear ‘n Now initiative can be found at:

RFL Records

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