Wild Privateers: a new Running Wild tribute album is out now!

Publicado: 12/04/2021 por Pedro Mello em News

Burning Sun Records proudly presents its new underground tribute project, Wild Privateers – An Underground Tribute to Running Wild!

Featuring 8 cover songs from 8 different heavy and power metal bands from Europe, North and South America, it is a passionate and truly underground album created with a “from fans to fans” attitude.

This special, professionally made cassette album is available in three different colors (black, yellow, blue) and released in limited copies only therefore it is already a collector’s item!

Grab it now if you do not want to miss this special release:
https://burningsun.bandcamp. com/album/wild-privateers

Check the teaser video with audio samples:

The privateers strike down in the following order:

“A” side:
Blizzard Hunter – Blazon Stone
Lycanthro – Port Royal
Silverbones – Into the West
BlackChest – The Phantom of Blackhand Hill

“B” side:
Invictus – Riding the Storm
Blazon Stone – The Hussar
Steelballs – Lions of the Sea
Thundersson – Me & the Boys

An underground rapid foray waits for you all!

Join the crew and celebrate our love for Running Wild!

For fans of Running Wild, Blazon Stone, X-Wild, pirate metal 


https://burningsun.bandcamp. com/album/wild-privateers

Against PR

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