Pedigree: released last single before the new album “Funeral Child”

Publicado: 27/10/2020 por Pedro Mello em News

Estonian industrial metal veterans Pedigree released the last single “Defenestrated Child” from the new studio album “Funeral Child”, which will see the light of day on 20th November.

Pedigree from Estonia is playing alternative industrial metal with heavy post-metal/sludge/doom and electronic elements. Established since 1993, Pedigree has released 12 studio and remix albums, singles and many videos and has toured and shared stages with bands like Metallica, Massive Attack, Godflesh, Fear Factory, Cult of Luna, Dälek, Ufomammut, Filter, AmenRa, Scorn, Napalm Death, Crowbar and many more. Their album “Satanic Disappointment” was awarded at EMA (Estonian Music Awards) as Best Metal Album 2012 and “Standard Sundown” as Best Metal Album 2017.

“We thought it was time to remind everyone that a full-length album is coming soon. The selection of the song was quite spontaneous, we decided to release a song that is one of the newest for us,” says the band’s leader Holden Laamann.

Pedigree’s new album “Funeral Child” will be released on November 20 on all digital channels. Presentation shows are currently scheduled for the first half of December.

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