INCURSION: joined No Remorse Records; “The Hunter” EP to be released on CD and vinyl

Publicado: 14/10/2020 por Pedro Mello em News

Incursion consists of original members Maxx Havick and Micheal Lashinsky on guitars with Buddy Norris on drums. The line-up is completed by Stone Jamess on bass and Steve Samson on lead vocals.

The Miami, FL based band was active from 1982-1986 and did not have a formal release outside a locally produced cassette compilation of Florida hardcore and metal bands in 1985. In 2018 the three original members got back together with the intent of finally performing and recording their wealth of material. Recruiting Steve and then Stone made the band complete and ready the music it was intended.

“The Hunter” is a concept EP. The Hunter – born in a war-torn land and destined to fight for survival since birth – faced all adversaries, man and beast alike. He mastered his inner demons through faith, battle and revenge. The Hunter’s blade led him through chaos to his final struggle with the false king. In his quest to become the King of All the Land, The Hunter’s journey is ageless, but almost forgotten.

“The Hunter” EP was recorded at Alpaca Ranch Recording by Chris Short (Alestorm) and it was mixed by Jorg Uken at Soundlodge Studios (Anvil, Savage Blood, Powergame). The artwork was created by famed artist Phil Lawvere (Celtic Frost, Kreator, Hirax).

“The Hunter” EP will be released on vinyl and CD (release date to be announced) and the alliance of Incursion with No Remorse Records will deliver more music and a full length album in 2021.

Recommended for fans of Jag Panzer, Raven, Iron Maiden and Riot City


I : The Hunter : Prologue

II : Warrior Of Destruction

III : Guiding Faith

IV : Fade To Black

V : Kingdom Of The Dead

VI : The Hunter : King Of All The Land

Incursion – Lyric Video Premiere + Interview:

Against PR

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