KRATORNAS: ‘Pestilence (Demo 2020)’

Publicado: 02/10/2020 por Pedro Mello em News

Kratornas is a duo from Saskatchewan, Canada. Supposed to be releasing their new album this 2020 but the world took a turn. Drummer GB Guzzarin decided to stay in Scotland while Zachariah in Canada.

Drums on “Pestilence” were done in Scotland (April 2020). All instruments/vocals were originally recorded in 2007. Songs from an old demo with lyrics becoming a reality for everyone these days. “Three Unclean Spirits” (Blast N’ Groove discoursing the plague), “Darkness and Dust” (Slow track about dead mounting bodies) and “On Dying Aeons” (mass control) were all written by Zachariah last 2007.

GB Guzzarin (drums) revived these minimalist songs with frantic blastbeats paired with the addition of complex drumming as an opposition to an exhausted “superfast” and “brutal” genre.

“Pestilence” is available on all Digital Distributors (Spotify, iTunes, etc). Grathila Records released it on cassettes (instrumental version on Side B), Split CD (ProCD) and T-Shirts. The usual free download on Kratornas bandcamp. Physical copies available – your choice.

Watch out for Kratornas next follow up to their relentless “Devoured by Damnation”(2016). The planned new album will most likely be out by 2021. A year that’s going to be even more filthy! Stay tuned!


Zachariah – All Instruments, except
GB Guzzarin – Drums

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