Noumena: new single, “Murtuneet”

Publicado: 27/08/2020 por Pedro Mello em News

Noumena, melodic death metal band hailing from Finland, has released a new single Murtuneet (”The Broken”). The song is the second single from upcoming album Anima, to be released on the 4th of September 2020.

– This song combines wistful and catchy melodies, versatile moods and a stark story. Even though there are several elements in this song, musical story arc stands firm, depicts composer, guitarist Tuukka Tuomela.

– Murtuneet deals with wars and their consequences, but from unconventional point of view. No heroes here, only victims. Wars leave behind dead, wounded and broken people. Long shadows fall and reach through decades and generations. Some use them for their benefit, some suffer from them, some just try to cope with them, analyses bassist Hannu Savolainen, the writer of the lyrics.

The lyric video of the song is based on the photos from Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive. The pictures from WW2 era-Finland encapsulate the atmosphere and the theme of the song.

Murtuneet is now available on digital platforms. The lyric video is available in YouTube:

Antti Haapanen – Vocals
Suvi Uura – Vocals
Markus Hirvonen – Guitars, vocals
Ville Lamminaho – Guitars
Hannu Savolainen – Bass
Tuukka Tuomela – Guitars
Ilkka Unnbom – Drums


Inverse Music Group

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