Morte: September Release, “Demónios Abissais”

Publicado: 26/08/2020 por Pedro Mello em News

MORTE (Death in English) is a Black Metal band which had its foundation in the heavy industry city of Barreiro after a follow-up of what would be a live tribute to the founding fathers of the Portuguese black metal scene: Black Cross.

In a world filled with pre-conceived lies about human righteousness and the end of everything being the only absolute certainty for all, MORTE was chosen as the most appropriate name for the band, and with it the grim and twisted philosophical notion that all humans carry demons wich are concealed within our own inner abysses.

Based on that, the band decided not only to keep certain aspects of Black Cross’ music, but also to include some other very dark references such as Celtic Frost, Portal and other Atmospheric Death Metal bands that served as inspiration not only to the music and lyrics of what would emerge as the band’s seminal album “Demonios Abissais”, but also to its artwork that reflects the band’s obscure artistry and utter fondness for occult matters.

MORTE is Kriatura on vocals, Melkor on guitars and Belial on guitars and bass.


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