TO THE PAIN: “There Will Be Blood”

Publicado: 11/08/2020 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

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Formed in January 2012, To The Pain is an original metal band that hails from Franklin Square, New York. The bands sound consists of the dual guitar attack provided by Steve Shaver and Sean Smith, along with the driving rhythm section consisting of John Filakovsky on bass and Eric Healy on drums. Lead Vocalist John Intagliata’s powerful and high pitched vocal range round out this 5 piece. To The Pain’s self titled debut record was released in June 2013. Their follow up album, “7”, was released in June 2015. To The Pain is currently in the studio laying down tracks for our 3rd album, “X”, schedule for June 23rd 2020 release. “X” takes TTP’s core sound, adds more guitar harmonies, more progressive rhythms, and just a more over the top version of the band. To The Pain’s news single “There Will Be Blood” will be released June 12th, 2020. Thanks to all the Painiacs for all their support over the years…cant wait to unleash some new metal on all of you!

To The Pain is:

Steve Shaver- Lead Guitars
John Intagliata- Lead Vocals
Sean Smith- Lead Guitars
John Fila- Bass Guitar
Eric Healy- Drums and Percussion

Facebook Page

Reverb Nation Page

Spotify Page

Apple Music

Metal Coffee PR

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