KNEEL: (featuring Kneeldown and Wells Valley member) to release “Ailment” on October 16th

Publicado: 09/08/2020 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized

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KNEEL, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Pedro Mau, a former member of Kneeldown and Wells Valley, is releasing its new effort “Ailment” on October 16th, 2020, via Raging Planet on CD and digitally.

Featuring elements of thrash, technical death, math metal and hardcore, Kneel’s genre-defying compositions can be characterized by the use of dynamic guitar riffs, dissonant chords, aggressive paces, harsh and heavy vocals, loud and challenging song structures with no formulas, no lame choruses or catchy tunes. Filipe Correia (Wells Valley / Concealment) was a special guest on the project, leading all lyrical and vocal duties.

Pedro Mau comments on the new album:

«We’re living in times that inconsequence leads us to appalling results and, eventually, to alienation (from ourselves; from one another). Like a careless premonition, ‘Ailment’ is that meaningless ache that in a later stage of life can result in awful consequences. The accumulation of small problems in our lives can lead us, sooner or later, to situations that can get out of our control. I believe that the key to self-control and life balance is in the daily management of the subconscious mind, although it’s easier said than done.»


1 – Qualm
2 – Awry
3 – Interim
4 – Dys
5 – Raptorial
6 – Abacination
7 – Watchful
8 – Bellicose
9 – Impenitent
10 – Acuity


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