Beneath The Hollow: Inks Multi Album Deal

Publicado: 30/07/2020 por Pedro Mello em News, Uncategorized


Chicago Metal juggernauts Beneath The Hollow officially announced their signing with Rotted Brain Records.

The news was confirmed by Rotted Brain Records Co Founder Tom Hooks. Tom said that “We are beyond stoked to work with Beneath The Hollow. This is the kind of band that labels fight over, tons of killer music already in the can and more almost ready to roll out. These guys have their collective sh*t together, non stop work to get things done is a way of life for them. Having them join our family is going to be a great thing for all involved”.

Guitarist Jesse DeGroot says “ We are absolutely elated to be working with Rotted Brain Records” “To have a company like this recognize and find value in your art is an extremely gratifying experience. We couldn’t be more excited to be welcomed into this family; and we can not wait to see what we can accomplish together”

Rotted Brain will be re releasing the bands latest effort “Indoctrination” on July 31st via digital outlets everywhere. You can get physical copies at the bands website or at

A new video for the song ‘Whiskey Mistress’ will be released on July 31st at YouTube and on Rotted Brain’s Facebook page as well.

Beneath The Hollow consist of:

Jewell Yocum – Vocals
Jesse DeGroot – Guitar
Matt DeGroot – Drums
Dan Pacheco – Bass


Against PR

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