VÁLVERA: “Cycle Of Disaster” New Release August 28 / 2020

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Válvera uses the “ambient” or “atmospheric” Thrash riff, a melodic phrase line concluding abruptly in a prolonged resolution to center each riff and create a mesmerizing effect on the listener.

Vocals are shouted with a centric approach of early evil thrash metal frosting on them as they urge transitions using thrash-style conveyances, shifting directly from a riff to a new thematic riff that becomes understandable as continuous only after its transfer via the context of vocal harmony.

Enjoying the abrupt, this band alternate between structures with no warning and in the style of the South American school, make sense of their riffs in context of song structure and in that mindset often dive or leap to a change unpredictably, with a fire of acquisition.

Rolling riffs of fast tunneled tremolo connect songs in a sequence of tone and rhythm, flowing into one another and rejoining on the snap command of circular song structure to begin again a cycle. With a real taste for a coherent but beautiful aesthetic, the music of Válvera moves fluidly, with disjointed song structures rectified by such distinctive riffs and bridges as to make this unconfusable with any other band.

Lyrics are mainly fantastic, focusing on the history of which addresses various catastrophes that happened in Brazil and its people. Deliberate songwriting with simple implements and intents clarifies into immersive and sensual sound.

Percussion is accurate and like all instrumentalism, of an intentionally minimalist framework to ensure complete execution.

Válvera “Glow of Death” lyric video is about a Cesium-137 radioactive contamination, the biggest civilian radiation accident in history, that took place in Goiânia (BRA), in 1987

Recorded at Dual Noise Studio 2020 | Engineered by Rogério Wecko | Mixed and Master by Rogério Wecko. Cover artwork by Marcelo Vasco | Photography Benassi Bass lines recorded by Ziel Lagoin

Glauber Barreto (vocal/guitarist)
Rodrigo Torres (guitarist)
Gabriel Prado (bass player)
Leandro Peixoto (drummer)

“Nothing Left To Burn,” kicks off proceedings, with a haunting bass line. Then when the guitars kick in you know something frenetic is about to happen, when the big riffs start, the answer is provided. A brilliant way to kick things off.

“Cycle Of Disaster,” another epic monster song that combines traditional thrash riffage with some superb melodies.

“Glow Of Death,” works into overtime the sense of chaos and destruction.
“The Damn Colony,” a song that veers one way and then another. One that produces something simply fantastical.

“All Systems Fall,” a brutal riff homage to the end of time.

“Born On A Dead Planet,” hits hard. A song that combines the chaos of the riff with the monstrous vocal abilities of Glauber Barreto to deliver a stand our performance.

“O.S. 1977,” a riff sandwich that really swings things hard.

“Fight For Your Life,” a song that merges melody and shred together in a fantastic delivery.

“Bringer Of Evil,” slams and finishes off in style.

1 – Nothing Left To Burn
2 – Cycle Of Disaster
3 – Glow Of Death
4 – The Damn Colony
5 – All Systems Fall
6 – Born On A Dead Planet
7 – O.S. 1977
8 – Fight For Your Life
9 – Bringer Of Evil


instagram: @valveraband
twitter: valvera_oficial

Label Info:

USA & Canada

Brutal Records Youtube Channel


Brutal Records

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