UNDEAD: September release, “Existential Horror” LP

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International death metal act UNDEAD is proud to announce the long-awaited vinyl release of their 2019 debut album Existential Horror, due out Sept. 25 via Kadabra Music.

Mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Mayhem, Watain,
Tribulation), Existential Horror is a fine example of what the death metal of yesteryear is all about. The Spanish/UK-based international outfit’s first attempt at grandeur casts every classic spell seen throughout the decades (e.g., razor-sharp guitars, the unmistakable feeling of decay, old-school commitment and a halo of impurity spread evenly along nine-tracks of vintage extreme metal.)

Metal Hammer Portugal heralded UNDEAD’s maniacal guitar solos “that could have very well been co-authored by Hanneman / Azagthoth,” as well as the band’s killer catchiness and “eerie, atmospheric, and ambient scenarios.”

The George A. Romero-imbued death metallers are releasing Existential Horror Sept. 25 on limited-edition 180-gram black vinyl (limited to 100 units) via Kadabra Music.

Vocalist/guitarist V. Repulse comments:
“After all the work, dedication and blood spilled for this album, Existential Horror is finally coming on vinyl! And as old-school worshipers, we’re really excited about this release and the collaboration with Kadabra Music. Only vinyl is real!”

FFO: Morbid Angel, Protector, Sadistic Intent, Hellhammer

V. Repulse – vocals, guitars
A. Von Hell – guitars
J. Surt – bass
Matt de Vallejo – drums

Pre-order: https://kadabramusicofficial.bandcamp.com/album/existential-horror

Info on pre-orders: Those who pre-order the LP will also receive the first issue of 12” Magazine; a free 12-page, full-colour, A4 size publication written in English whose credo is to discuss and display the best metal and rock releases available on vinyl!

Web Links:
https://www.facebook.com/ curseoftheundead
https://www.instagram.com/ curseoftheundead
https://www.facebook.com/ kadabramusicofficial
https://www.instagram.com/ kadabramusicofficial

“…an album that deserves a place in any self-respecting coffin.” – Ave Noctum
“…dynamic and impelling…” – Legacy Magazine
“…death metal in its rawest form.” – GBHBL
“It’s a classic formula brilliantly executed.” – Brutalism

12 Inch Press

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